Christ's Death and Resurrection

J. Wilfred Johnson
April 7th 1976

Transcribed from C/D #41 & #42
November 15, 2013 thru November 26, 2013

(Wilfred) I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it at all for awhile. But it wouldn’t be the first time that the Lord had provided sufficient strength to carry through with the program and I hope He’ll see fit to do that again tonight.

The last time I think we came across a statement, I think John brought it up to us that was taken from the 5th volume of the SDA Bible Commentary page 1150. And I thought to just make a few comments on it first. Incidentally I did not get a chance this week to prepare the study that I had intended; in fact I was so preoccupied that I even forgot what it was I said I was going to do. Someone reminded me that it was “The Shaking” that I said I would deal with. Is that correct? So it’s going to be more or less off the cuff tonight.

This is on page 1155, the SDA Bible Commentary; “When (Jesus) closed his eyes in death upon the cross, the soul of Christ did not go at once to heaven, as many believe,” She is touching here on the doctrine of death where the souls goes immediately to heaven and is still conscience. And she says,“Or how could His words be true - "I am not yet ascended to my Father"? The spirit of Jesus slept in the tomb with His body, and did not wing its way to heaven, there to maintain a separate existence, and to look down upon the mourning disciples embalming the body from which it had taken flight. All that comprised the life and intelligence of Jesus remained with His body in the sepulcher; and when He came forth it was as a whole being; He did not have to summon His spirit from heaven. He had power to lay down His life and to take it up again.” Now there are several things in there that we just want to take another look at. Jesus said to Mary; touch me not for I have not yet ascended to my Father. When He closed his eyes in death upon the cross the soul of Christ did not go at once to heaven. Do you remember what the soul is? When we are talking about the soul in this sense as apart from the body. You know the Bible talks about a living soul, meaning the whole thing. The mind and the heart and the body and the spirit it’s all soul. But there is another use for the term; do you remember what that was?

(John) The mind?

(Wilfred) Yes that’s close to it. It takes in the thinking part of a person, the mind and the heart and the character, that portion of an individual which is a conscience thinking reasoning being. Now it does not exist without the body because it is built upon the operation of about twelve billion brain cells and some glands up there in the head. If you take away any portion of that, there is a certain amount of thinking mechanism or the personality mechanism that just doesn’t function and if you keep whittling away at it until there is no brain cells left there is no consciousness, there is no thinking, there is no nothing.

When protestant denominations speak in terms of the soul going to heaven or the spirit going to heaven they’re thinking in terms of the thinking part of a person including the consciousness. That when a person dies his consciousness and thinking mechanism carries on, just the body stays here. Now Sister White is saying; How can that be with Jesus when He said, I have not yet ascended to my Father? Do you remember we spoke about this soul thing and we gave the illustration about losing a limb then another one and so on and we finally ended up deciding that the eye is something to do with the mind or the thinking part, the consciousness. So when Jesus says I have not yet ascended to my Father He didn’t just mean his body He meant his person hadn’t gone up there yet. Do you follow the thought? Now she uses the word “spirit” in the next paragraph, she says “The spirit of Jesus slept in the tomb" In a way it is fortunate that our English language is so rich in many words that have been borrowed or infiltrated from other countries but in a way it is unfortunate because we get into the habit of using words very loosely, we all do it. If you look in any English dictionary you’ll find that there are several meaning for many, many, words that can be used in different ways. And the same thing is true in the translation in the Bible and Sister White is guilty of the same thing. She sometimes uses spirit and sometime she uses soul to mean the same thing.

Now here she’s talking about the soul of Jesus, the thinking part of Him, the conscious part, the spirit. She’s not thinking in terms of the spirit of life that was breathed into Adam’s nostrils to make Him a living Soul, that is not what she is talking about here she’s talking about the thinking part of Him. How do I know that? Well because she says it right in the next three words. She says the spirit of Jesus slept, so she is talking about the conscious aspect isn’t she? Because that’s the part that sleeps. So don’t get confused on the word spirit there. It really means the same thing as she was talking about before, about the soul of Christ. “The (soul) of Christ slept in the tomb with his body and did not wing it’s way to heaven, there to maintain a separate existence.” Again you can see that she is talking about the soul, not just the spirit of life. “And to look down upon the mourning disciples embalming the body from which it had taken flight. All that comprised the life and intelligence of Jesus remained with His body in the sepulcher;” In other words that portion of the body which brought about the existence of a soul when the spirit of life was present remained with the body in the tomb it didn’t go any place. All his brain mechanism, all his records of his memory, the functions, and all the rest of it were all in there yet but they were not conscious. I mean the soul of Christ was not conscious in as much as you aren’t when you are asleep. The stuff is all in there but you are not aware of it. Now that remained in the sepulcher with the body just as it does with you when you go to sleep at night. I didn't read that those are my own words. “And when He came forth it was as a whole being; He did not have to summon His spirit from heaven. He had power to lay down His life and to take it up again.”

Now this part about having power to lay down his life and take it up again is another aspect that I would like to just consider. We are made in the image of God, Adam was the first one that was created and he is the sample of all others excepting that he was created directly. And the rest of us were generated through the process of human birth. But Jesus came in this process and so He is a pretty good example as well for us. But what happened to Adam? It said that God formed him from the dust of the ground and He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and then He became a living soul. All the constituent parts were manufactured out of the elements of the earth and we can dissect a human being today and analyze the various constituent parts and say exactly how many grams of each there are in any one particular being and most of us is made up of water, we are all wet. But water is a very important constituent. It used to be that we were worth about ninety some cents they told me when I was in my teen age, I understand it’s a little higher now, we are more valuable now than then but with the inflation I don’t know whether it make much difference, you can probably still buy the same amount in exchange for it.

Now what happens when a man dies? That spirit that was breathed into him to make him a living soul returns to God who gave it.

How about Ecclesiastes 12:7 I thought I had some texts marked here but I am not sure those are the right ones. Let’s take a look at Ecclesiastes 12:7 “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was:” That’s what Adam was made out of. “And the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” That’s at death. Do you understand? Now look, did Jesus die in his humanity on the cross.

(A woman in the audience) Yes.

(Wilfred) Yes He did. Then what happened to his spirit of life that gave Him life in his humanity? It went back to God who gave it the same as any other spirit. However there is another aspect. Don’t fasten your mind on that too severally in thinking in terms as God being a long ways off and the spirit wandering off through space back to God.

How much of Jesus stayed in the tomb?

(John) All of it.

(Wilfred) Let’s look at Job 14:10 Maybe this is the same thing I’m not too clear on everything tonight but I’ll do the best I can. All right, here’s another thought I would like to get in. It says; “But man dieth, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up” The what? “The ghost, and where is he?” The Old Testament and even in the New Testament speaks in terms of dying as giving up the ghost. Now the ghost is another term translated from the word spirit. It’s the same idea. When you give up the spirit of life you are giving up the ghost, it’s the spirit of life. Man gives it up.

I have one more here I think. Genesis 49:33 Jacob had just finished blessing all his sons. 33 “And when Jacob had made an end of commanding his sons, he gathered up his feet into the bed, and yielded up the ghost, and was gathered unto his people.” What does that mean?

(Ted) He died.

(Wilfred) That’s very simply what it means. What does it mean that he yielded up the ghost? He gave up the spirit of life and was gathered unto his people.

(Same woman) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) It’s just an expression they used in those days. That he went where all his other people had gone. Where the other people who had died had gone. He was buried of course, that is also in the Bible but I won’t take time to find it.

All right now, to get a clear concept of this let’s look at some further texts. First I’m going to turn to page 1113 in the 5th volume of the SDA Bible Commentary. It says; “He who had said, "I lay down my life, that I might take it again," And. "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up," He who said this, “Came forth from the grave to life that was in Himself. Deity did not die. Humanity died, but Christ now proclaims over the rent sepulcher of Joseph, "I am the resurrection, and the life." In His divinity Christ possessed the power to break the bonds of death. He declares that He had life in Himself to quicken whom He will.”

Now you remember that it said that divinity did not die but humanity did. If He had not released his divinity He could not have died in his humanity. Because in his divinity there was no death and as long as divinity was tied in with the humanity it would sustain Him. Now there is a mystery there and I think we need to be careful as to just how far we go. One statement she says is that He could have used his divinity, His divine power to have withstood the inroads of disease and so on. She doesn’t come out and say He was diseased and that He suffered from disease. Some people feel that He never was sick. Yet that statement seems to indicate that maybe he was. Maybe He had some afflictions in his humanity. Because she said He could have used his divine power to prevent the inroads of disease and so on. However that’s not the point we want to be concerned about at the moment.

He did not use his divinity in his own behalf at any time in his sojourn in this world He depended entirely on the power from his Father. We’ve got that clear I hope. That does not say that He could not have done it. The eternal life that He had obtained from the Father as a gift, according to his own words, was his and the Father would never take it away from Him. He laid it down voluntarily and when He took it up again He took it up for one purpose and I think I can read it, if I can find it. Well, she says someplace here that He took it up again that He might give it to mankind. But I can’t spot it right now. I’ll come across it perhaps a little later as I leave.

Now it says here that He came forth from the grave to life that was in himself, deity did not die.

(John) Here’s that statement you wanted it’s in the SDA Bible Commentary vol. 5 page 1113; “Christ was invested with the right to give immortality.” Then the next statement, do you want to read that?

(Wilfred) You can read it.

(John) “Christ was invested with the right to give immortality. The life which He had laid down in humanity, He again took up and gave to humanity.”

(Wilfred) Is that clear? Isn’t that clear? What did He take up this eternal life for? To give it to humanity. We’ll discuss this in connection with the Everlasting Covenant, that this is what He did it for. And I think we have also tied in how this eternal life is embodied in humanity haven’t we? Yes we have.

Through what agency does this eternal life come from Christ to humanity?

(Another man) The Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) The Holy Spirit. Ahhh, I better not get into that because it’s rather deep and some of us haven’t had the background on it. So we should better leave that.

All right Now, I would like to also read from 1114 of the SDA Bible Commentary vol. 5. “He who died for the sins of the world was to remain in the tomb the allotted time. He was in that stony prison house as a prisoner of divine justice. He was responsible to the Judge of the universe. He was bearing the sins of the world,” Now notice! “And His Father only could release Him.”

I tried to find that statement, John, which says that He came forth by a power inherent in himself and I couldn’t spot it. Do you know where it is?

(Larry) It’s in the Desire of Ages.

(Wilfred) I thought it was. I checked through there and I couldn’t find it. I guess I checked too fast. Ok, at least we have evidence from other people that it is there. It says something to the effect that He came forth from the tomb by a power that was inherent in himself. Now we tend to get the idea from that statement that He decided to come forth from the tomb on his own and He came forth. Well you mustn’t jump to conclusions on single statements you’ve got to be careful, we warned you about this before and we warn you again. Notice what it says again on page 1113; “When the voice of the angel was heard saying, "Thy Father calls thee," Now I want to ask you. How can a person who is unconscious and we have read that, He was asleep, How can a person who is asleep and unconscious hear somebody calling them?

(John) It’s a figure of speech.

(Wilfred) That’s right it’s a figure of speech. You can’t hear until you become conscious and then you are already there. I mean you are there before he called you. Do you understand? It has to be a figure of speech. All right who was it that called Him? The Father. Did He raise himself from the tomb or did his Father raise him? That’s the question.

(John) It says here that the voice of the angel was heard saying; “Thy Father calls thee.”

(Wilfred) Yes. Who raised him from the dead?

(Same woman) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) The Spirit of life. Just like giving up the ghost just like Jacob did he gathered his feet up into the bed and gave up the ghost.

(Same woman) Well how did he stay alive if he gave it up then?

(Wilfred) He didn’t have it.

(John) It says plainly in Matthew 27:50 “Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.”

(Wilfred) See? Exactly the same as Jacob did. Same thing. Now that’s the spirit of life don’t mix it up with the other Spirit that she talks about in the soul that remained with him in the tomb. His soul, his personality, his thinking mechanism, the whole pattern remained. But the spirit of life, that spark that gave life to this mechanism left, He gave it up. And prior to that He had given up his divine life. And remember He cried out; My God, My God, why have thou forsaken me? This had to be done or He could not have died. So now there are two spirits of life in Christ because He was both human and divine. Do you understand that? There was the human spirit of life and there was the divine Spirit of life. The divine Spirit of life was life in itself, eternal life, unborrowed, underived, nobody could take it away from him. The human spirit of life was the same human spirit that you and I have. And when you molest the human body sufficiently that spirit leaves and you die unless you’ve got a miraculous power to sustain you. Is that clear. 

Now if you want to know who raised Jesus from the dead I’ll give you some texts. First let’s try Romans 6:4. We are going to discover here I think some point that may be important. The apostle Paul taking here;  4 “Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by” The what?

(John) The glory.

(Wilfred) Of the Father. Anybody want to try to explain that?

(Another woman) The glory of the Father is his character.

(Wilfred) Yes, and what is the character of the Father? Unselfish love. Can you define God’s character? Ahhh, that’s too hard a question. Let me give it to you. God’s character is fundamentally love and it’s expressed in two things. Justice and mercy. Justice and mercy. When Christ died on the cross He was suffering the justice of God’s law on behalf of sinners. Right? And technically there was no resurrection for him because she says that the death of the sinner, that is the death He died on the cross that we might receive his life, she says, the death of the sinner is an everlasting death from which there is no hope of a resurrection. That’s what she says. That’s the death of the sinner. And that is the death that every sinner is going to die unless he gets the substitute life from Christ. Now Christ died that death in place of the sinner who was going to get the substitute life. Do you understand? But Christ came forth from the tomb, why? Because of the other aspects of God’s character which is his glory. God’s character is love but it’s manifested in two things; justice and mercy blended together and it was the mercy of God and it was Jesus’ understanding of that mercy that enabled him to tell the disciples, “I will rise again the third day.” It was the mercy of God that brought him back. God’s law cannot be broken and God’s law is that if you give your life for his sake what do you get.

(John) Eternal life.

(Wilfred) Right. That’s the principle, that’s in the Bible. Whosoever will save his life shall loose it but whosoever loses his life for my sake. It isn’t that you jump over a cliff. That‘s not what it says. You loose your life for his sake… What did Jesus loose his life for?

(Same woman) For our sake.

(Wilfred) For our sake yes and also for?

(John) The Father’s sake.

(Wilfred) The Father’s sake. How come? Can you explain that?

(John) Yes because the Father was on trial.

(Wilfred) What was the problem?

(John) Lucifer had accused him of being selfish when that wasn’t his character at all.

(Wilfred) Accused him in other words of not living his own law or not being his own law.

(John) It was Christ that demonstrated what the character of the Father was.

(Wilfred) That is right! That is right. And Christ gave his life proving thereby that God was willing to give his life

(John) In the person of his Son.

(Wilfred) In the person of his Son. And I’ve explained why the Father couldn’t give his life as a Father. Remember that? Why not?

(John) The universe would stop functioning.

(Wilfred) Yes, the universe wouldn’t exist. It’s dependent on the Father. So the best that God could give was his Son and He turned all things into the hands of his Son. That’s what it says. All the treasures of the universe were given over to Jesus that He might use those to convince the world that there is no love greater than the love of God. I am just about quoting from the Spirit of Prophecy. I’ve got the passage here if anybody wants it. And Christ used those gifts, God gave them all to Christ. Christ had control of the total universe. Don’t you understand? God gave it to Him; He was the King of kings and the Lord of lords. His word was law and Christ gave everything that He had received from the Father in the terms of the Everlasting Covenant He laid it all on the altar and He gave his life as well. Not just his human life He gave his eternal life but it didn’t die. It is the life whereby you are going to get eternal life He is going to give it to you. The fact is you get it the moment you accept Christ. That’s what the Bible says.

If you believe, it says you’re going to get eternal life. No? What does it say? You have eternal life. You are going to go to sleep but you still have eternal life.

(John) Just as Jesus had faith in the mercy of his Father to bring Him forth from the tomb so we must have that same faith or confidence in the mercy of God as Jesus had.

(Wilfred) In self-sacrifice. We will, if we are going to go through, will be brought to a point where we will lay down our life for his sake. But we won’t die. Those who remain will not go through the tomb. Most of us will but there will be one hundred and forty four thousand who won’t. And Jesus would not have had to do that either if it hadn’t been for the sinner.

Well we are getting a little afield here.

(Larry) This document here I don’t question it I just would like to have the documentation on it that God the Father is indeed the sustainer of the universe. This power has never been transmitted to Christ. Because Christ created the world in John 1:1 to 30. In this creation the power of creation was given to Christ by Him all things were created. At the time of his creative power do we have any knowledge that He was not right while He
was given the power to sustain the light? Did that remain with the Father not that this is an important point it’s one that we had discussed once upon a time in a Sabbath school discussion and I could never come up with anything rather definitive.

(Wilfred) I am afraid I can’t at the moment either. I am a little dull tonight anyway.

(John) Yes, you’re talking about Jesus himself?

(Larry) No. The question I’m raising is we made the statement here just a few minutes ago that the Father could not give his life because He indeed is the sustainer of the universe. Now, I’m just wondering if we could document that rather than accepting the concept that since the Father gave all things to the Son and the Son indeed was the creator, by him was all things made and without him was anything made that was made therefore if He had the power to create why didn’t He also get at the same time the power to sustain?

(Wilfred) I think there is documentation but I would have to, I’ll try to find it for you.

(Larry) I was never able to find anything on it….

(John) It says in the Spirit of Prophecy that heartbeat doesn’t follow heart beat just because it’s a natural thing. In Ministry of Healing time after time she points to the fact that God is the sustainer of all life and there….

(Larry) Is this the Father?

(John) Yes. It doesn’t grow by any inherent power that’s in itself. It grows by the power of God it says.

(Larry) Does it say the Father? Or was the power of creation within the Son to sustain, I don’t know if this is significant it’s just a point that came up.

(Wilfred) It has to do with the trinity it’s not an easy thing to handle. I have some thoughts on it and I’m sure that there is some documentation. If you remind me of it in case I don’t give it to you, you’ll know I have forgotten. But I will try to find it for you.

(Another man) Jesus gave up his eternal life, hey? Did God the Father give it back to Him? I think we did get away from that point.

(Wilfred) Yes we did get away from it. I was trying to come to it again. Trying to come to it again here in just a moment. And if I don’t, remind me again. I appreciate being reminded of something I promised and don’t follow up because sometimes I get off the track.

Now would you go to Romans 8 verse 9 will give us the background. 9 "But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit,” Do you notice a capital letter on that Spirit? We are not in the flesh but in the Spirit. What have we attained here?

(Another man) Christ’s Spirit.

(Wilfred) Christ’s Spirit right. “If so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you.” Now Christ’s Spirit is who’s Spirit? The Spirit of God. Where did Christ get his eternal Spirit of life from?

(Several voices) From the Father.

(Wilfred) How do you know that?

(John) The Father has given the Son to have life in himself.

(Wilfred) As the Father has life in himself so hath He given the Son to have life in himself. So in The Story of Redemption you’ll find in the first chapter where God made sure that the angels understood that. He called a council and He honored the Son and He made it clear that the Son was on equality with himself. And that every word of the Son was as the word of the Father and every command of the Son was as the command of the Father and they were to accept it as such. Now this was the position of the Son of God, Christ, He was from eternity with the everlasting Father. And I don’t understand the totality of the Godhead so don’t ask me to explain the mystery. He was the Son of God and He received his eternal life from God that much I know because the Bible says it. I also know that He was from eternity with the Father and my mind can’t stretch into that because I don’t know what eternity is yet, if we’ll ever know. I have some ideas and I think some people who have lived on this earth are going to experience something that will help them understand what it is. Because God is going to lead his people into how much truth?

(John) All truth.

(Wilfred) But not everybody will understand all truth. How many people is it going to take to make up the constituent parts of the original body of Christ?

(Another man) One hundred and forty four thousand.

(Wilfred) One hundred and forty four thousand and each one will be a part of the body of Christ. The apostle Paul describes that very clearly.

(Same woman) What are you saying when you say not everybody will understand the truth?

(Wilfred) Well do we?

(Same woman) No, but……

(Wilfred) Suppose we made a universal test of truth and gave it to everybody in this room every paper would be different. Some would understand one thing others would understand other things.

(Same woman) We all would understand parts.

(Wilfred) We all would understand parts. But the unification of all things takes place in the mind of Christ. You see, He is connected to all parts of the body just like I’m connected to all parts of my body and it is in my mind that everything that goes on in my body is coordinated. My right hand may not know what my left hand does as the Bible said. But my mind does, because that’s where it all registers. And the body that Christ gave up before He came to this world and took on the human body, we know what happened to that now. We looked at the Communion Service and we looked at John chapter 6 and got the picture. And we looked over there in the New Testament where Paul talks about the body of Christ how that each one is a member in particular and how that body is going to be united with the head. He talks about how the head is the husband of the family and how that the husband should love the wife and so on. This is in Ephesians chapter 4 and he says; they twain should be one flesh. Now he says, that’s a mystery. How is a husband and wife going to be one flesh? But he says, I’m speaking concerning Christ and his church.

And in Early Writings you’ll find that before the close of probation after the perfection of God’s people when the body of Christ has been reconstructed in a hundred and forty four thousand human temples there will be a marriage union between Christ and his bride and the unification will take place. And that’s why he made this statement at the last supper, He says; I’ll not again partake of this; talking about his body and blood, until I partake of it anew with you in the Kingdom. And if you read in that very same paragraph in Early Writings I think it’s page 280 you’ll find that the establishment of the Kingdom has taken place and the marriage has taken place, the two go together. When the marriage occurs the Kingdom is restored and made up. And it is at that point that Christ will again partake with them and I can’t go much further than that because it would lead us into what constitutes the body and blood of Christ and that is something I don’t have enough understanding of at the present time because I did not live back there in my present consciousness to know what it’s all about.

What kind of a body did Christ have anyway? Moses saw it; part of it, and it was so brilliant that he didn’t get much out of it except a shinny face.

(John) His face was so brilliant with energy that he had to clothe it lest the children of Israel would die.

(Wilfred) That’s right. He veiled his face when he talked to them and it gradually dissipated. But the thing is the body of Christ and the mind of that Christ contained all power and all knowledge and all wisdom and all record of truth that ever occurred. When He was in that cradle in Bethlehem He didn’t have all that. When He was on the streets of Galilee, streets, roads, trails, He didn’t have it. He could have tapped into it but no way could the enormity of the divine body of Christ be duplicated in a human body with twelve billion brain cells, no way. It’s going to take a hundred and forty four thousand twelve billion brain cells and maybe more than that because we are going to be changed and our minds are going to expand in order to encompass that.

Well we got off a little bit again didn’t we?

(John) Could I just read a statement on this? Review and Herald October 16, 1894; “Let us bear in mind that Christ is the great central heart from which the lifeblood flows to every part of the great body of humanity. He is the head from which extend the nerves that reach even to the most minute and most remote parts of the body."

(Wilfred) Now how far did we read here? Ye are not in the flesh but in the sprit if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. So then the Spirit is the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is also the soul of the life of Christ. So the trinity is tied up together, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. There’s something in that too but I am not going to comment on it. The Spirit is life because of righteousness. Righteousness and life are the essence of God. That’s about as close as we can come to interpreting God I guess as far as his existence goes. Now listen verse 11 “But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead” Who was that? You see here how that it’s sort of ambiguous. It talks about being in the Spirit and the Spirit of God dwelling in you and the Spirit of Christ. You see that in verse nine? Three times the Spirit is mentioned.

1. You’re not in the flesh but in the Spirit,
2. If so be that the Spirit of God dwells in you.
3. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his.

Do you see that? It’s tied together, the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ. Now it says; “But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you.” What Spirit raised up Jesus from the dead? The Spirit of God but whose spirit was it also? The Spirit of Christ. So the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ are in some ways identified. Now was it the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead or was it the Spirit of Christ that raised him from the dead?

(John) It is the one and the self same Spirit.

(Wilfred) All right, now we are coming to it. You see the Bible says clearly that it was God that raised Jesus from the dead and yet the Spirit of Prophecy says that He came forth by a power of life that was inherent in himself and how are you going to reconcile those two? Well, here is the reconciliation right there. The power of Christ in his divinity was in fact the power of the Spirit of God and it was that power that raised Him from the dead. It was God’s Spirit it was Christ’s Spirit. Now it says if that dwell in you, do you realize that the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ can dwell in you as it dwelled in Him and I hope you realize that if it hadn’t been for his sacrifice on the cross it could not have happened. Yes you have a measure of the Spirit of God, a measure, but not the more abundant measure. The more abundant outpouring that is essential for your salvation after sin. There was no way to salvation except through the sacrifice of Christ to make available the more abundant outpouring of the Spirit. If that is in you then “He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.” Now when it says; “He that raised up Christ from the dead will quicken you by his Spirit, who’s the “He” referring to?

(Another man) God the Father.

(Wilfred) God the Father.

(Same woman) I have cross-referenced where it says “the Spirit of him who raised up Jesus from the dead” with Acts 2:24 which says, “Whom God has raised up”.

(Wilfred) Yes, that’s good because I have more texts. I didn’t have that particular one but there are quite a few in the New Testament I’ll just give you maybe a couple here or so. I Corinthians 15:15 “Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God, because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not.” What’s Paul complaining about here? You didn’t get it, right? He says we are found false witnesses because we have testified of God that He raised up Christ. What was Paul’s message? Wherever he went to the Jews he said, “You killed Him but God has raised Him up” that was his message. You can read it; it’s all through Paul’s writings. Because he preached this Paul was criticized as being a false witness. That’s what he is saying. And he says if Christ wasn’t raised then the dead aren’t going to rise. You’re gone too. He said if there is no resurrection, if the dead rise not then is Christ not raised. And if Christ be not raised your faith is vain ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are what?

(John) Perished.

(Wilfred) Right. So if it hadn’t been for that they would perish. That’s our only hope. Now Colossians 2:12 “Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead.” Who raised Him from the dead?

(Several voices) God.

(Wilfred) God. I Thessalonians 1:10 “And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.” Go back to verse 9 and you will see whom he is talking about.  ….”How ye turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God; 10 And to wait for his Son” …. So who is the ‘God’ talking about the Father or the Son?

(John) The Father.

(Wilfred) The Father, it must be because it says “And to wait for his Son.” The “his Son”, “his’ refers to God the Father “From heaven, whom he raised” That is the Father raised the Son. Isn’t that clear?  Should be.

Now I Peter 1:21, this has been Paul giving us all this, what does Peter have to say about it? Does he agree with Paul? I Peter 1:21 “Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory;” Where did Christ get his glory from?

(Another man) From God the Father.

(Wilfred) From God the Father. Well I wonder if that isn’t enough texts? Now can I just crystallize it?

Christ in his humanity was a combination of divinity and humanity He had the divine nature and it was through his divine nature that He was able to live without sin. So we see He had an advantage over us. Yes He had an advantage over us up to a point. But when we accept Christ then the provisions of the Covenant that He made available through his sacrifice, He had to die, He had to shed his blood to ratify that Covenant. Those provisions of that Covenant become ours; it’s in our favor. And we may then partake of the divine nature even as He had it. Don’t you remember I read you here? I think it was John that called our attention to the statement when I couldn’t just spot it. That He took his life again at His resurrection so that He might give it to us. Remember that? Now we then may partake of the divine life as He had it and in partaking of that we become a combination of divinity and humanity also. He is our example we follow after.  Christ’s Object Lessons is very clear in telling us that when we have that combination of divinity and humanity we too can live in perfect obedience to God’s law as Jesus did.

Revelation 3 the message to the Laodicean church says; To him that over-cometh even as I also overcame. That’s the point I wanted. In the same way that Jesus overcame the Laodiceans in the last generation of this world's history, that is now, may also overcome in that same manner, do you see? The promise to those people is given there in the Laodicean message and it would not be given if it weren’t possible. And there are several places in the Spirit of Prophecy where it definitely says it is possible, as a matter of fact that is what Jesus is waiting for before He can come, not until it happens will He come, and that is what is delaying the coming of the Lord.

(John) It says on page 24 of The Desire of Ages; “He exercised in His own behalf no power that is not freely offered to us. ... His life testifies that it is possible for us also to obey the law of God.”

 (Wilfred) Right, Excellent. Now He had to die for man in his humanity, having the ability to tap into his divinity and at any time to return to his Father and be reinstated with the fullness of his former glory and power. in Gethsemane He made the decision to stave off that temptation and accept humanity in itself and take the penalty of eternal death. His only hope of a resurrection up until that time was in the mercy of his Father at this point there was no hope of a resurrection. He suffered the eternal death of the sinner. Do you get it? It’s in the books.

At this point when He was on the cross and cried out “My God, My God, why have thou forsaken Me?” There was no hope. He was dying the eternal death. He was experiencing the same thing that every sinner is going to experience at the end of the thousand years who haven’t accepted the forgiveness of Christ. That’s the end, that’s it. He gave the whole thing. And she says that He was sustained only by the habit of trusting God that He had built up. That’s character incidentally. He was sustained by his habitual faith in his Father. There was no other way and He commended his spirit into the hand of the Father. Those were his last words wasn’t it, weren’t they? Father into thy hands I commend my spirit. He stuck it out.

So when He went to the tomb there was no thought that in a day and a half I’m going to call myself out of the tomb. To whom had He commended his spirit?

(Several voices) To the Father.

(Wilfred) To the Father. Who was going to have to call him from the tomb if He was ever going to get out?

(Several voices) The Father.

(Wilfred) I read that to you didn’t I? So it was the Father that raised him from the dead.

 All right now let’s clear this other point. How then did He come forth by a power inherent in himself? Some of you aren’t going to understand this because you haven’t been with us when we explained this eternal sacrifice of Christ. But you’ll have to just sort of accept what you can of it at face value and if it can’t make sense to you then stick away in the storehouse until such time as you can deal with it a little more thoroughly.

The eternal life of Christ, the Holy Spirit, which was the soul of the life of Christ, Now how am I going to say this without you contradicting me, went into the possession of the Father, under the jurisdiction of the Father. And Jesus told his disciples whatsoever He heareth, talking about the Spirit, that shall He do. The divinity of Christ, the divine nature of Christ that was his spirit was the Holy Spirit. Am I right or am I wrong. I read you that, I don’t have it with me tonight.

Now look I think I can help you to understand a little bit of that, I don’t want to leave you clear or cold those of you who are new to us here. I’ll read a little bit of it from John 14. At least you’ll know that we are not imagining things here. John chapter 14 verse 15. “If ye love me, keep my commandments. 16 “And” Then “I will pray the Father,” And I just have to put this little plug in here. What’s the condition that Jesus places his intercession on your behalf on?

(Another man) Keeping the commandments.

(Wilfred) And it goes beyond that.

(John) And you are loving Him.

(Wilfred) Yes, the love has to get in there and if you love him He says; keep the commandments and if you do that then He says; 16 ”I will pray the Father and He shall give you another comforter that He may abide with you forever.” Do you know what the comforter is? It says it over in verse 26 “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

Note that; Whatever Jesus said to these people the Holy Ghost was going to bring to the remembrance of the disciples. So where were the words of Jesus recorded? In the mind of the Holy Ghost. Now it says here, “He shall abide with you, how long?

(John) Forever.

(Wilfred) How long then is the Holy Ghost going to be given to God’s people for?

(John) Forever.

(Wilfred) Forever. How long are they going to get eternal life?

(John) Forever.

(Wilfred) Forever. Through what agency does that eternal life come? Can you go that far yet?

(Ted) Through the Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) Do you have any proof of that? I have it, but I was wondering whether you remembered any of it. I don’t have it with me. But the Holy Spirit is the life of Christ and the Holy Spirit brings the life of Christ. Let’s go a little further, I think you’ll see a little more of it here. …. “That he may abide with you for ever. 17 Even the Spirit of truth” …. Now that is another name for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has multiple aspects about it. Sometimes it's called “it” sometimes it’s called “He”, the Holy Spirit is a personality. But it is also a power and it is a spirit in the sense that we have the spirit of love, right? Love is not a person, love is a spirit, the Holy Spirit is love and it brings to you love when it comes to you, Romans 5:5. The Bible says God is a spirit, doesn’t it? And it says, God is love, then God is the spirit of love. So you see it has many aspects and you mustn’t tie yourself into one concept of the Holy Spirit you've got to keep a broad open mind on it. …. “Whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him;” …. So the Holy Spirit then is a personality that is mystical in the sense that you cannot see it. …. “But ye know him” …. You can know it but not see it. How do you know him? …. “For he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”

(The end of C/D #41 and the beginning of C/D #42)

Now look; 18 "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” Do you get the connection? He says the spirit is going to come, I’m going to pray the Father and He’ll send the Spirit then in the next breathe He says; I will come to you. Did Jesus come to them or did He stay in heaven?

(Another man) Stayed in heaven.

(Wilfred) Then what came to them?

(John) The Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) Now the Spirit of Prophecy is very clear in pointing out that Christ in you means, The Holy Spirit in you. In other words the Holy Spirit is that aspect of the personality of Christ and the power of Christ and all the other aspects of the Holy Spirit. It is that divine nature of Christ; the Holy Spirit is the divine nature of Christ. It is ‘the’ Christ that comes to you, to dwell in you. It is the power of Christ, it is the power of God, it is the power of Jesus’ life in himself.

(Same woman) Does everybody on this earth have a portion of the Holy Spirit or just those who ask for it?

(Wilfred) At sometime or other they do. Because if it weren’t for the Spirit drawing people in the first place they would never get on the track. They have alienated themselves from God. But because of the sacrifice of Christ, and this is what I am trying to drive at, the divine nature of Christ, that part of Christ which was his divinity, including his life in himself became available to man and it was that power, it was that soul of Christ, it was that Spirit of Christ which is the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the tomb. I wonder how many got it?

It wasn’t the life that was in that dead body that raised Jesus from the tomb there was no life in it. The ghost of humanity had gone back to God who gave it just like ours goes. He gave up the ghost my Bible says. It was gone, it was not in his body. Also the divine Spirit of life was gone but it was through that divine Spirit of life that God the Father, under the instructions of the Son in the Everlasting Covenant which agreement was made before He died, his last will and testament. The Father was the administrator of that last will and testament of Christ which when Christ now lay in the tomb, dead as a doornail, the Father took that former life of Christ and through that agency, that power which belonged to Christ He raised Jesus from the dead. Do you get it?

(John) So both statements are true.

(Wilfred) Both statements are true. And it is that same power that is going to raise you from the tomb. Do you want me to read it? John chapter 6. This is a wonderful book my dear Christian friends this is a wonderful book and there are so many things in it that we have not yet seen that it is amazing that the Lord can put it in here and have it in here over all those years and we haven’t seen it. But as we’ve said before we cannot see anything in this book until the Spirit of God enlightens us. So we are indebted to that very same Spirit of truth that He’s going to pray the Father and he will send it to us. And don’t forget there is a big outpouring coming on God’s people in these last days. And it’s beginning now it’s trickling down and it’s going to be showery pretty soon and pretty soon it will be a downpour.

Look at what he says here about verses 53 “Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.” All right, where is the life of the Son of God contained?

(Another man) In the blood and the flesh.

(Wilfred) Which blood and flesh?

(Same man) His.

(Wilfred) Yes, He’s still got it. He’s living in it. The blood he shed at Calvary went into the ground.

(John) The divine life.

(Wilfred) Good for you. This is referring to his original body, don’t you understand? This isn’t his physical body he’s still living in that and the physical blood He shed. This is the body and the blood, whatever that blood is and the Spirit of Prophecy tells us what it is and the Bible does. The Bible tells us, what is it in the blood?

(John) The life.

(Wilfred) The life. So He’s really saying here his body and his eternal life that was in that body that made it an eternal living creature. Do you understand? That’s what he’s talking about. And the communion service, he explained that, He said you’ve got to eat this and drink it and He wasn’t talking about his physical flesh and his physical blood.

(John) That’s what the Catholics teach that we eat the physical flesh and the physical blood of the human Christ.

(Wilfred) All right. Now if we do eat this flesh and do drink this blood what do we have?

(Same woman) Eternal life.

(Wilfred) Eternal life. So the source of our life is in the blood of Christ. In the blood of Christ, that’s where it is. His eternal lifeblood. That is the life that we’re going to get. How do I know? I just read it. You have to eat it and you have to drink it. And the other text I read, chapter 14, the life comes by the Spirit. I could show you that but I don’t have those texts with me tonight and I can’t just recall them, at least their location, but the context I have and I’m giving it to you.

The life comes through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the life of Christ. It is, if you want the plain truth, the blood of Christ.

Now if you take that key you can now understand many passages that are given where it says you are washed in the blood of the Lamb. Did you ever understand that before? Do you understand how you are washed in the blood of the Lamb? Well the Bible talks about a washing of regeneration. And what is the regenerating agent?

(John) The Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) The Holy Spirit. You are washed in the life of Christ by the agency of the Holy Spirit. It is by the sprinkling of blood that the sanctuary is cleansed.

(John) And the true sanctuary is us.

(Wilfred) And the true sanctuary is us and the sins have been recorded here and they are going to be erased and cleansed. By what?

(John) By the Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) The Spirit of Prophecy is very clear on that, it’s very clear, the expulsion of sin from the life is an act of the soul itself. You make the decision but the power that enables you to do it is the Holy Spirit. Now we’ve gone over all this but I am just repeating it briefly for the sake of those who haven’t been with us so that you can kind of get the picture. I know I’m giving you a heavy dose tonight I hope you don’t get spiritual indigestion.

Let’s read on “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. 54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. 55 For my flesh is meat indeed and my blood is drink indeed. 56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood,” Look! What does it say? “Dwelleth in me, and I in him” Can you refer that back to John 14 which I just read where He comes to dwell with you and in you? Do you see? It’s tied together.   

Well, I could spend more time on that but I think I’ve read you enough there so that you can see that the eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood is tied in with the resurrection of everybody.

Now, there is another interpretation of the flesh and the blood of Christ and I really don’t have time to go into that in detail. John chapter 1 talks about; 1 In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God. 14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,” Now Christ is identified with the Word of God. In Revelation you’ll find it too; “His name is the Word of God.” 

Christ was the out-speaking of God, not only by word of mouth but by life. Every word that Christ spoke came from his brain, so in his brain is a record of every word He spoke. Are you following me? In the brain of Christ in that great body that He was in before He came to this world, in that brain was recorded every word that God ever spoke through Christ, right? Every action that was ever preformed, the creation of all things, the whole bit was in that brain. Do you get it? He was the Word of God. Everything that had ever happened was recorded in that brain; therefore He had the record of all truth in that brain. Therefore He was the truth, not only in the sense that He told the truth, He was the truth because his brain contained the record of everything that had ever happened and everything that had ever happened was true, it couldn’t be false. If it happened it was true so He was the truth. Don’t you get it? Now that is also termed the body of Christ, his word, this is the body of Christ. But that is in a more minor sense. I shouldn’t really say minor because out of this book when the Spirit of God is given to enlighten our minds all truth is in here and that’s a mystery, I can’t explain that.

(Same woman) How much of that did Christ get into his mind?

(Wilfred) You mean when He was on earth?

(Same woman) Yes, a human, yes.

(Wilfred) I cannot answer you that but it was a sure thing that it was not all in the there at one time.

(John) He learned the scriptures as a human being just as we must.

(Wilfred) Right.

(John) And He was mighty in the scriptures at the age of twelve but his mother had taught Him on her knee.

(Ted) Brother Johnson, these verses that we had just being reading in John 6; the disciples murmured about that and said that they were hard to understand, so Jesus went on to explain it just the way you have. In verse 63 “It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are life.”

(Wilfred) Thank you Ted, thank you very much. I’m not sharp tonight I miss these things. That’s good. I can assure you that when I make a statement, unless I qualify it, if I make a statement it is to the best of my ability based on things that I have studied and have read and have substantiation for. But I am fallible and not infallible and there may be an occasion when I make a statement that the evidence that I have for it has become a little hazy and the statement is just not quite accurate. And if you ever find something that contradicts anything that we have said, discussed or brought to you I wish that you would bring it in because there is nobody more interested in getting the truth than I am. And my mind is not closed, I don’t know everything, when I think back on how little I knew when I first turned my life over to the Lord and what I know now it’s fantastic. But what little bit I do know, I mean what I know is just a little bit compared to what there is to know.

(John) Here’s just another text on what you said. You talked about the blood of Christ in Revelation 1: 5 it says, “Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,” Now it isn’t the physical blood that was his in his humanity that was poured out at the bottom of the foot of the cross that washes us of our sins. It’s the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit that ties in with what you have been saying.

(Wilfred) It’s the life, the life, the Spirit of life and the life is in the Word she tells us that. And we are sanctified by the truth. So as we study the Word, as we feed upon this Word see we are feeding upon the body of Christ. And she says the spirit is in the Word that is; in this word there is a spirit that gives it life. But when she says that she is speaking figuratively it’s not physically in the book. It is actually in the mind of the person who is reading the book because some minds can read the book and get nothing, or get the wrong concepts. Other minds can read the book and get the right concepts because they have the Spirit of truth. But God had promised the Spirit of truth to anybody who reads this with an open mind and a heart that is humble and inclined to obedience. And you will get the truth. He may permit you to get into error for a while to teach you some lessons that you may need to learn. Maybe you’ve got some pride or something He wants to knock out of you. And you have to come back and swallow mistakes that you have made and said, I think we all have had a turn at that at some time or other in our experience. And there are people who find it too humiliating to admit that they have made a mistake and so they just go on in their pride and go from bad to worse.

(Same woman) It’s really discouraging isn’t it that after we receive the Holy Spirit we are still sinners.

(Wilfred) It is. We don’t receive the Holy Spirit without measure at one time. We receive only a measure and we receive the measure that we are capable of handling. You can’t use the Spirit so we have to be cautious there. It isn’t that we use the Spirit but God gives us the Spirit and when He gives it to us it is a commodity that we have as ours to use. I am contradicting myself I know that. God has given me the spirit of life that makes me conscience and He has given me a freedom of choice, He’s given me a body, now He doesn’t dictate to me every second of my life and inhibit me and restrict me as to how I choose and what I do. He gives me these qualities and these abilities and He says Johnson, use them, and I make decisions and I use my powers. Now God gives an additional power of the Spirit and you have the privilege of making a decision to use that gift. When the Spirit comes it gives you gifts. And God doesn’t just give you the gift second by second, He gives you the gift period. If you have the gift of prophecy, you have the gift of prophecy, and you can use it correctly or falsely. If He gives you the gift of teaching you have it and you can use the gift to his glory or not as you please. But there comes a day of reckoning and if you persist in using the gifts of the Spirit in an unholy and unsanctified way there comes a day when you will lose those talents. Now how did I get on to that? There was a conclusion I wanted to come to.

(John) About we just receive the Holy Spirit by measure.

(Wilfred) We just receive the Holy Spirit by measure and if we use it correctly and I’m using it in a sense that we direct our decisions in favor of God and the Spirit power is available to us, that’s what I mean. We can’t dictate to the Spirit.

(John) Sister White says in Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, page 142; “Were it possible to force upon you with a hundredfold greater intensity the influence of the Spirit of God, it would not make you a Christian, a fit subject for heaven. The stronghold of Satan would not be broken. The will must be placed on the side of God's will.”

(Wilfred) That’s an excellent one.

(John) Then she goes on and says that you can’t even give your will to God. She says; “You are not able, of yourself, to bring your purposes and desires and inclinations into submission to the will of God; but if you are "willing to be made willing," God will accomplish the work for you, even "casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ."

(Wilfred) Excellent.

(Ted) Brother Johnson, are you finished with your line of...

(Wilfred) Yes, come on with your question.

(Ted) I’m new here as you know and I may be way behind, I would like you to follow my line of reasoning at the present time. I have been studying about Christ’s life and one of the things that was shown to me was that when Christ was born, he was a baby, a child, a boy, when He grew He was a boy, is it or I’m I correct in your thinking that Jesus was given the Holy Spirit at a time?

(Wilfred) He was given it by measure the same as we are excepting that He was initiated by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost was his father so He had something in his nature right from the start that we do not have right from the start and this enabled Him to live without sin even through his childhood.

(Ted) What I’m trying to do here is to join up the thought that you have brought forth that I have been aware of in that we are capable of being…

(Wilfred) But we get the Spirit by measure. The new birth.

(Ted) Right, that’s exactly what I am getting to. When Jesus went to John the Baptist and was baptized He said; thus we should do because that is what we should do. At that time the Holy Spirit came down and landed upon Him, now would you say that at that time He had fulfilled the requirements of God the Father of his own person so God the Father could give Him the full measure of the Holy Spirit? That’s what I was working towards. So in the same way when we are baptized we are baptized into, shall we say, partial revelation of the Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) We’re just born again.

(Ted) Right and we have got to grow. And then we have the capability of doing as Christ did in growing to the point where God can say; you are ready for the entire strength of the Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) That’s what comes in the latter rain.

(Ted) Next question. The disciples, He told them to go and wait until the Holy Spirit comes before they go out. Would you say that this was like another baptism where they received the Holy Ghost because they have been growing to the point to where now they could receive the entire Holy Ghost?

(Wilfred) Yes, but only up to a point. They receive the Holy Ghost in what is termed the former rain and the total cleansing of the sanctuary does not occur until the Day of Atonement and that did not start antitypically until 1844, and it is not until the latter rain comes that the total perfection of God’s people will take place. She is quite clear on explaining that.

(Ted) Ok, that settled my question. That’s what I was trying to get straight...

(Wilfred) Now about that baptism of Jesus just while you are on it and for the benefit for everyone else too. We might just mention that Jesus did not need to be baptized of John. John was correct when he said He didn’t need to be. And Jesus also went through the steps of repentance before baptism. But He didn’t need to do that. She explains that He did that as our example. “For thus it becometh” Jesus said. “Us to fulfill all righteousness.”  So that we would have a pattern to follow. If we would follow those steps He will fulfill his part.

(Ted) By doing that did He not in that way give God what He needed in order to say; Now I can give you the entire Holy Spirit? This is something that has come to me in that Jesus did it. John the Baptist said He didn’t have to do it. True He didn’t have to we can realize that He didn’t have to but the very fact that He did, God gave Him the entire Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) Well there is another phase in Jesus’ life that very passage which talks about that anointing says right there that He, ahhh, or does it say, maybe it’s someplace else, I’ll have to check it, but at that point He became the Messiah.

(Ted) Yes, correct.

(Wilfred) At that point He was able to tap into his former power. It was clearly opened and that’s why the devil put him into the wilderness. Well actually the devil didn’t, God did to be tempted because He had to prove that He was not going to use that power on his own behalf. And the devil pulled Him on three points. Every last one of them was a temptation to test whether He had the divine power or not. Because prior to that He didn’t have it, He didn’t have it as a boy. He couldn’t turn those marbles to bread that He was playing with the other kids in Nazareth with. They were marbles and they would always be marbles.

When He went into the wilderness after his anointing those stones could turn to bread just by a thought on the part of Christ. And all through his life He had to face that temptation.

(Ted) Lets go a little further. He received the Holy Ghost at his passion. He returned the Holy Ghost to God,  Right?

(Wilfred) Yes, He yielded it up.

(Ted) And then when He was resurrected He received it back or as we said, part and parcel.

(Wilfred) I’d better not get on to that one because it would take too long but it does say He would not again partake of it until He partook of it anew with us. He took it again see, by title, and He had the right to say to the Father; Now Father there’s Wilf Johnson down there I want you to send my Spirit to him. He is interceding for me. He says, Wilf Johnson has confessed his sins and I am forgiving him will you forgive him according to the terms of our agreement, our covenant? You forgive him and you’re supposed to deliver my life to him. And He says, I will pray the Father and He will send it. Do you get it? So He took his life again to give to us. But He himself did not take it to himself. Until He now becomes united with his body then his body will sustain that eternal life through the whole thing. If my heart weren’t functioning properly my head wouldn’t have any life, all my body has to function in harmony with the head. And the new body of Christ, the mystical body will not be complete until the marriage union has taken place and that takes place now. The Lord is trying to build up the members of his body right now to put them into this new temple that is to be restored that was destroyed by sin.

(John) Revelation 3:12 “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out:” 

(Wilfred) That’s right. And that’s when the Spirit shall come and the outpouring of the latter rain, that will complete the work, cleanse the soul temple, we have a part to do first, but that will complete the job and unite us with Christ in a mystical union where by our minds will be so fused with his that we will be just thinking in harmony with Him all of the time. When we do the things that He asks us to do it’s the very things we want to do. When we do the things that we spontaneously decide to do as though it were our own thinking we’re doing the things that He wants us to do. We’re one united body in perfect harmony, you’re not conscience of being a slave to his decisions you are an independent individual functioning on your own initiative and will.

(Same woman) Which brings a problem, the hundred and forty four thousand will make up the body of Christ and the marriage with them if that happens, well, what about the rest of the people who go to heaven?

(Wilfred) They are a body of Christ in a different sense. In the sense that we as a people now think of it and explain it that we are members in a body like, well we have a governing body up in Edmonton in the legislative buildings, they are our governing body, but they are not a…….

(John) The church is looked on as a body.

(Wilfred) Yes, the church is a body in that sense. Do you understand? But the hundred and forty four thousand is a different proposition

(Larry) They will go whithersoever the Lamb goeth.

(Wilfred) Right. They are the only ones that go through the same experience that He went through to the ultimate, they sing a new song of Moses and the lamb which no one can sing save he that receives it she says. It is a song of their experience she says. They will follow the Lamb whithersoever on this earth and in eternity. On this earth it means they rise above sin.

(Same woman) Will those who receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, will they have the same type of accomplishments that Christ had on earth, will they be tempted to see if they will use it for selfish purposes?

(Wilfred) That’s a very good question. That’s a very good question. When God gives to a member of his body unconditional eternal life with a freedom of choice, what do you think?

(John) I’m sure that they will have the same temptation in smaller measure than Christ had.

(Wilfred) Nobody will have it to the same extent as He had.

(John) Even the disciples who had not received to the fullness of the Spirit felt that they had that power, “Shall we call fire down from heaven to destroy these people?” Do you remember that in the Bible?

(Wilfred) Yes.

(John) And Jesus said, greater works shall ye do than these that I have preformed.

(Larry) In one sense we will, that is if you take the same temptations that Christ faced they were the same basic temptations that were before all of us, pride of life, and appetite and we all are going to be tempted on the point of appetite, we are told that that is the sin of this age so we are all facing that temptation. And pride of life we all have a certain amount of pride in us. And in essence the same principle is involved and the temptations are going to be carried forth to each one of us and we shall be able to overcome them. But my thought was that, He was tempted on all points but we are not to be temped on all points but the basic principles which were involved in those temptations we shall all face.

(Wilfred) I think that applies to Him too brother He was not temped on all points the same as we are in the sense of a specific temptations.

(Larry) The major principle underlining...

(Wilfred) The principles, yes, there are some things He couldn’t have been tempted in because of the very nature of the situation.

(John) But I think the point of this Sister’s question was; will the hundred and forty four thousand reach the place before the close of probation where in the chapter “Joshua and the Angel” they are declared eternally secure. God has declared them righteous forever. He has conferred upon them the fact that they are in. And when they are sealed with the Holy Spirit and it is that divine Spirit that is going to take them through the time of trouble because we know humanity could never go through it without God. But the Spirit will be in them, but if they chose to, now they will not choose to, but if they choose to they could choose to use that power in a wrong way but they will not choose to do it. Even as Jesus was tempted to use it in the wrong way as they spat upon Him and said come down from off this cross if you are the Son of God. And all through His life He had that temptation. And I think that the hundred and forty four thousand will taste of this same experience. They will recognize that God has entrusted to them that life of his Son with which by a thought if they wanted to they could have erased their enemies if that was what was in their hearts, but it is not in their hearts to do and they will follow the example of Jesus all the way. That’s why we’re told, I’m sure, to study the closing scenes of his life because every peculiar temptation in principle that He was faced with we are going to be faced with. The Gethsemane experience, all of these things. The hundred and forty four thousand will go through.

(Larry) And at that time we could use that power in behalf of others. Like Christ there in the garden when Peter cut off the high priest’s servant’s ear Christ released himself from the grasp of the folks and He healed the ear so at that time we might use that power.

(John) It says that in the chapter “The Final Morning” that’s the loud cry, in the Great Controversy, remember? It says miracles will be wrought, the sick will be healed, so I think that power will be used in harmony with God’s will, but the hundred and forty four thousand will not choose to use it out of harmony with God’s will. This is the way that I see it. I don’t know if this is correct or not.

(Wilfred) May I add a little bit to that? It says that when Jesus preformed the miracles on this earth they were preformed by the power of God through the agency of the angels. Shall I repeat that? They were preformed by the power of God through the agency of the angels. Who was it that was doing this?

(Several voices) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) Who is holding this book? Who is talking to you?

(Ted) You are.

(Wilfred) I am. But by what power am I doing it? By the power that God has given me as a human being. Right? Now who raised Lazarus from the dead?

(Same woman) Jesus.

(Wilfred) No, He just stood outside.

(Same woman) The angel.

(Wilfred) That’s right, the angel did it. How did the angel do it? By what power? The power of God. Now, Jesus told his disciples when He was doing all these miracles, He said; Do you marvel at this? He said, greater things than these shall ye do. Now how did Jesus do them? Through the angels by the power of God. If we are going to do them how are we going to do them? Through the angels and the power of God. How does the devil do his miracles?

(Ted) Through his angels.

(Wilfred) Yes, a little further than that. Through human beings. He takes possession of human beings and uses them, now I say He or his angels. Don’t you see that it is the angel that functions and where did those angels get their power from?

(John) God.

(Wilfred) God. It is the power of God that enables the devil to perform a miracle. That’s how God when He gives you something He gives it to you to use and He permits you to use it for good or evil until the day of reckoning.

(Same woman) Is that why...

(Wilfred) What did I say?

(Same woman) …God’s power through the devil. Would you say that again?

(Wilfred) Yes. I’ll say it again. The devil would have no power at all were it not given to him from God. So that the power that the devil is using to perform his miracles, and deception and all the rest of it is the power that God endowed him with and has not taken away from him.

(John) He could if He wanted to.

(Wilfred) He could take it away yes. Why is the Lord leaving that power with the devil to let the devil show by his own decisions and character what kind of a ruler he would make if God had accepted him for what he wanted. All things are done by the power of God. There is no power apart from God. So Brother Dean, God will provide us with the power necessary to perform the work for Him that needs to be done. But we can misuse that power don’t you see?

(John) I want to bring out a statement that has verified something that I have felt for a long time. I just ran across it in the Desire of Ages 143, and that is that even the Holy Spirit comes to us through the agency of the angels. Now we’ve read the statement I’m sure we’re all familiar with it that says; every blessing that comes to us comes to us through the Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) That’s right.

(John) Now listen to this statement. The angels of God are ever passing from earth to heaven and heaven to earth. The miracles of Christ for the afflicted and suffering were wrought by the power of God through the ministration of the angels. And it is through Christ by the ministration of his heavenly messengers that every blessing comes from God to us. 

(Wilfred) Every blessing

(John) But there’s another statement that says that the Holy Spirit brings every other blessing in its train.

(Wilfred) Yes, but the statement you made before was that… Oh ….I’m sorry go ahead.

(John) Well, if you connect those two statements together it appears that the heavenly angels have a part in bringing that power of God, the life of Christ, to us.

(Wilfred) You’ve got a point. You’ve got a point there, John. And the angels have a part in the resurrection too. That’s in the Bible.

(John) We read it tonight where the angels say; Thy Father calls thee.

(Wilfred) God uses his created beings as “Front-men”. He gives them the honor and privilege of making the calls and decisions but yet He is doing the work in the background. That’s the way souls are saved. God has given you the honor of going out to evangelize the world and telling everybody about the plan of salvation. He could have sent the angels to do it without you or He could have done it himself directly. But He gives you that privilege.

(Ted) You might point back to the original covenant with the people, the Jews, He gave it to them to do the job and they never did the job so He raised up John to do the job.

(Wilfred) That’s right. And if we fail to do it, if we fail to do what we’ve been calling for in the last umpteen meetings, if we fail to come up to a total surrender to God so He can use us to complete His work of salvation, if we fail He’ll call somebody else. His work isn’t going to fail, we may, but His work isn’t.

(Ted) Do we have an assurance though that the work will be done by one hundred and forty four thousand remnant people?

(Wilfred) We have read those statements before.

(John) It says that God has staked his very throne in regards to the perfection of his people.

(Wilfred) Yes, but it also says; that it also identifies those who are going to complete the work.

(Ted) The point being though that it is the remnant people, the Israel, not a denomination of one type or another type.

(Wilfred) Oh, I see what you’re getting at. It is not a denomination that is going to finish the work in the hearts of God’s people, Oh no. But to the Adventist Church I see what you are getting at. To the Adventist Church has been committed the proclamation of the three angel’s messages and the sanctuary service, and these special doctrines. But they are not exclusive in the other doctrines.

(Ted) They are not exclusive in the doctrines themselves are they? Because for instance, the Sabbath truth has been brought to…

(Wilfred) That’s right. It’s not original with Seventh-day Adventists. However this is the church that God has chosen to declare these messages and to finish the work. Now if the church as a church fails there is not going to be another church, we have been told that. Our church is not Babylon and she also says that, but you have to take this with a grain of salt that the church appears to be about to fall but it won’t fall. And she also says that we don’t have to worry about carrying the ship through, He is going to carry it through to the end you know. But you have to be careful here as to terminology because what applies to a certain group in one generation may not apply to the same group in another generation.

The honor of God shifts, it will always shift to those who are faithful to Him. It is possible for the Seventh-day Adventist church to deny its privilege just like it was with the Jews. And she has given us many warnings about this, many warnings. Who can say whether it will or whether it won’t? We can have opinions. Now some people think that our church has gone haywire and have thought like that for a long time. That it is not God’s chosen people anymore. That God’s chosen people are not in an organization. Some people think that! Now I can’t go along with that personally, I just can’t because I see too many things happening throughout our denomination that are right dead on. I think God’s got everything under control.

But I was going to talk about that shaking tonight I guess I didn’t get to it. There is coming a time when the work of the denomination will be finished but the work in the hearts of God’s people may not. That is God has people in the church and He has some out of it. And He has tares in the church too and there are tares out of the church but the sifting and separating is going to take place, it will take place.

And how long the organized church as an organization will survive that’s a debatable question. I don’t think we need to worry about it because it will take care of itself. We are asked to be loyal to God’s church and by his grace I intend to be. I want to cooperate with my Brothers and Sisters and I think I have already demonstrated to God during the past thirty to thirty-five years that I am willing to do that in spite of the fact that I have had some pretty marked differences on some things. And Sister White had some marked differences with the General Conference brethren in her day. And even the fellows that came in 1888 to deliver the message of righteousness by faith which she corroborated and said; these are messengers from God. Those fellows both went out of the church but Mrs. White didn’t she stay right by it.

(John) In spite of a lot of persecution she received and a lot of wrong things that existed in the church she herself who was a prophetess became subject to the brethren. And when they asked her to go to Australia she went to Australia. And I think there is something there for all of us that we need to be loyal to our church. And yet as we study Ezekiel 9 which deals with the sealing and the shaking. It does point out that as we near the close of time that there will be abominations in the midst of Jerusalem.

(Wilfred) That’s right. The devil is going to work harder in our church than any other church, there is no question about that. And he is doing it. And at the time of the sealing the church is going to be filled with abominations in the heart of the church. And the people who see them try their best to straighten them out but they are fighting a losing battle. So they end up sighing and crying for the abominations that are done in the midst of the church. Sister White explains all this, these are not my words. And the man with the writer’s inkhorn is sent through the midst of the city which is the church to place a mark in the foreheads of those that sigh and cry for the abominations that are done in the city. Then the five other men who come from the higher gate are sent forth after him with breaking in pieces weapons in their hands. And they are to slay utterly and spare not everybody in Jerusalem. That’s the church. Except those who have the mark, they mustn’t come near those whom have the mark. Now this is a very, very, significant passage and I don’t think that it has really been recognized for what it means. If you take it for just what it says it has some very strong implications. However as the things progress we will recognize them happening and if we study the passages and put the material on the shelf there in our minds, have it available, as the thing develops we will recognize the fulfillment of prophecy.

(Ted) What are the references for this?

(Wilfred) It’s Ezekiel chapter 9 and it’s in the Spirit of Prophecy 5th volume of the Testimonies for the Church in the chapter “The seal of God”, she deals with it and quotes the passages. The day is coming, we might as well face it, when the work of our organization will be finished and it will have no power to rule over the church. The church will be a group or groups of people meeting in isolated places she says, because of persecution. Now whether the church will fold up or close off its work or however they want to say it, as a result of economic pressures or whether they will be theological pressures or whether they will be political pressures or persecution or what, or a combination, that remains to be seen. But the fact is that sooner of later it is going to happen and it is getting nearer every day. But the important thing is not that, the important thing is the work in the hearts of God’s people being finished. The church’s work is to spread the gospel that’s what it was organized for. And when the gospel is gone to all the world for a witness unto all nations then the end is going to come. But the gospel going for a witness has a deeper meaning. It isn’t that you just preach the gospel so that everybody hears it and then the end's going to come that’s not it, that could have been done in a months time. It’s what the gospel does that counts because the goal of salvation is “Get rid of sin”. That’s what salvation means.  What are you saved from anyway?

(John) Sin.

(Wilfred) Sin. Most of us think only in terms of being saved from hell-fire that’s what we’re thinking of, we want to get up to the streets of gold. “Are you saved? Yes, I’m going to glory land” it’s the self-centered principle that’s constantly at the top. The goal of the plan of salvation is not being saved from eternal death and live in the streets of gold alone, that’s God’s gift to man and He gives it to you the moment you accept Jesus Christ so He leaves you free to decide whether to serve Him or not. You can obey Him or not. And if you do obey Him you are obeying Him from a motive of love, respect, and appreciation, and that is another thing I thought to deal with tonight. This business of “The Seal of God” and “The Mark of the Beast”.

Salvation from sin is your decision, you decide to quit. Adam decided to sin and Adam’s ancestors are going to have to decide to quit sinning, nobody else has the power. If the Lord took from you your freedom of choice to get you out of sin you wouldn’t have sin anyway you wouldn’t be guilty. If you don’t have any free choice you have no sin. You can’t choose to do right or wrong if you haven’t got a choice, so God has to leave you with a choice. And if you are ever going to get rid of sin you choose not to sin and your motive is going to be respect and love for God. But we’ve gone over all of that too.

(Another woman) Brother Johnson, the book of Zephaniah is...I guess chapter two to repent before the decree. Well if this is a reference for the future…

(Wilfred) The thing is closing in on us quite rapidly and those who are going to be saved are going to have to come in pretty soon. But the loud cry is still going to go yet, let’s not forget that. And we read once who was going to give the loud cry message. The Lord is going to finish the work through a certain group of people but I won’t read that statement tonight.

(John) In answer to her statement wouldn’t this necessarily be a reference that there will come a time when it will be too late to repent before the decree or the close of probation.

(Wilfred) That’s right.

(Ted) Is there not more to the work of our denomination then simply to give the gospel because really if you think about giving the gospel to all nations and kindred and tongues what it really entails is the education of the people to do that.

(Wilfred) Sure thing.

(Ted) And that is where our church has its biggest job and hasn’t done it.

(Wilfred) Well I don’t know, it's been doing the best it can do under the circumstances I think. And the job is really not just to give the gospel as a lifeless theory. The thing is to explain the gospel; Paul says the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to all that believe. Our job is to explain the plan of salvation to people that’s our job and by God’s grace I have been trying to do that with you folks.

(Another man) But to demonstrate it.

(Wilfred) Yes and that’s where we trip up isn’t it?

(John) She says that our words will only have the weight of power that the life itself has as inasmuch as it lines up with the words that we say.

(Wilfred) Yes but I don’t think any of us are going to get too far ahead of the rest of us we are going to go as a group. God’s people are going to go as a people. She says that if anybody goes too far ahead of the angel who is leading his people they will have to retrace every step and that applies in all areas.

That’s not to say that you cannot gain perfection, you cannot reach perfection. That’s not to say that, you can. Because perfection is a relative term, you can have a perfect rosebud, absolutely perfect as a rosebud but it is not a perfect rose because it is not a full-blown rose yet. There comes a time when the latter rain is going to come. But until it comes the harvest is not perfected. That’s in Testimonies to Ministers.

(John) It is called the perfecting latter rain isn’t it?

(Wilfred) Yes. So we can all reach perfection at this level but the hundred and forty four thousand perfect people who are going to go through to translation are all going to go together. They’ll be perfectly united. Read it in Joel chapter 2. Just like an army in complete step they’re all to together.

(Ted) And they may be spread throughout the world.

(Wilfred) They may be spread throughout the world. Although I am suspicious that there is going to be a large segment in the civilized countries. They are going to be educated people, they have to be.

(Another man) I am also suspicious that in some countries where the Spirit of Prophecy is not accepted there will be very few.

(Wilfred) Anybody who does not believe the Spirit of Prophecy will not be among the hundred and forty four thousand, period.

(Same man) Some of those souls in those places…they cannot answer the experience.

(Wilfred) That’s a very good thought. But did you know something? God knows where every individual that is going to compose that group is. And when He wanted Abraham in a certain place He said; Abraham get up and go. And there are going to be people from all parts of the world and they are going to be in the right place to get the message at the right time and they are going to go through. God is in control of his work and it says that He is going to take over the reins in his own hands and you will be able to see it. She says that you will be able to see that God is taking the reins into his own hands. That the Advent movement is actually going out of the control of the Conferences. That the Spirit of God is coming upon individual people and nothing is stopping it. They even want to stop themselves because every time they start they get into trouble. And it says that they will vow that they’ll never talk about that again, you know, that they will keep quiet. It says that the Spirit of God comes upon them and they can’t help themselves they have got to give the message and they will and they are stirring up all over the place right now. It’s stirring right now. And all the economic things of the world are zeroing in, we are right near the end. We’re right near the end. The great and dreadful day of the Lord is coming on fast. And before it comes we have got to have that message that will prepare us to stand. So the great sifting is right around the corner and the great shaking and the sealing. In fact she says it’s already started in her day. But the culmination of it is right ahead of us.

(John) It swells to a loud cry.

(Wilfred) It swells yes it swells. But it will swell rapidly when it starts and there will be no turning back. When that thing starts to hit it may come overnight some aspects of it and all of a sudden you’re shocked, is that it? And you’ll think oh, couldn’t it have waited for another six months or six weeks or even a day. No this is it.

(John) She says; it’s like fire in the stubble.

(Wilfred) Yes. You are going to have to run like the horsemen not the footmen. It will be a tragic day for those who have not prepared. That’s why we are trying to stir you up to prepare. And how do you prepare? Just what you are doing now, get this stuff into your mind here, fortify the mind with the truth. Fortify it even if you don’t understand it all, get it in there so the Spirit of God will have something to work with and you will understand it as it unfolds.

Well, I didn’t expect to go that long tonight John. I’m sorry but I ran into the next tape again.

(John) Well something you said just then reminded me of one statement about preparation and I thought as I looked on myself and I am sure that as we look at the problems we have we keep looking at ourselves and the message that Jesus has for us as a people is to repent lest I come to remove the candlestick from its place. And in Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing she says; “Repentance is turning from self to Christ;”

(Wilfred) Excellent.

(John) That’s what repentance is. And when we get caught up with our personal problems we are thinking about self.  Self, self, all the time.

(Wilfred) Always, always.

(John) And we’ve got to take our eyes away from ourselves and look at the Lord. By beholding Him we become changed.

(Wilfred) We must get away from the earthly attachments. Everything should be on the altar. We don’t make any permanent plans for ourselves, like Jesus. Sure we have to take care of things we’ve got to take in vegetables in the fall so we can eat, you know. We have got to get clothes and a place to live. But we are only sojourners, just sojourners. Our main aim is preparation for the coming of the King. And you cannot prepare yourself for the coming of the Kingdom unless you share with others, you just can’t. What you get yourself you’ve got to share.

For the benefit of some of you new folks I would like to have read some of the statements that she has to say about that but I can’t do it tonight maybe we can do it again some other time. Some of us have heard them several times already.

(John) Brother Johnson we know you have a lot of responsibility at the present time are you able to meet with us next week?

(Wilfred) Well we’ll plan it. I didn’t think I would be able to make it tonight but I have been sustained and I hope the Lord doesn’t give me a let-down when I get home. But if He does it doesn’t matter, He can take me tonight if He wants me.

(The conclusion of this two C/D series Christ’s Death and Resurrection)

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