God's Kingdom To Be Restored

J. Wilfred Johnson
April 14th 1976

Transcribed From C/Ds #43 and #44
March 9, 2014

(Wilfred) I think last week I had intended to get onto the Shaking and we got into something other than that. So this week I had thought of going into that for this time. But somehow I haven't been able to convince myself that this is the topic that we should have for tonight. We have been getting a few new faces in our group and dealing with the Shaking as I would have dealt with it might have left you a little bit confused because you have not had some of the other material that we have discussed previously to give you a background so you could follow what we were trying to say. So I rather think that there are some things that are just a little more important at the moment and I didn't get time to completely prepare it but I'll get started at it and somehow or other we'll round it out. I hope, especially those who are new to the group keep track of the questions you'd like to ask and we'll try to give you a chance to do that and anything that doesn't seem to click with you we would appreciate your trying to make your questions as accurate and to the point as you can without going into a lot of detail so that we don't absorb too much time at crystallizing the question and we'll try to get the answers at least as clearly as we can present them with what material we may have with us tonight.

Now Brother Proud, I don't see him here tonight, slipped a statement to me on Sabbath and suggested that I read it, which I did, I believe it was Sabbath he gave it to me. Anyway, here it is. It's in the eighth volume of the Testimonies for the Churches page 302, "The solemn messages that have been given in their order in the Revelation are to occupy the first place in the minds of God's people. Nothing else is to be allowed to engross our attention." "The solemn messages that have been given in their order in the Revelation are to occupy the first place in the minds of God's people. Nothing else is to be allowed to engross our attention." Guilty or not guilty? First place in out minds. First place and the first thing when you wake up in the morning what do you think about? The solemn truths that have been given in their order in the Revelation, if you are following this council that's the first thing you should be thinking about. What's the last thing you think about before you go to sleep?

(A man) The first thing that's on my mind.

(Wilfred) The most important thing, isn't it? And what's to be the most important thing? The messages, the solemn messages that have been given in there order in the Revelation. "Nothing else is to be allowed to engross our attention." Now that doesn't say that nothing else is to be allowed to come to our attention, it doesn't say that. It says, engross, that means to become absorbed in it so that we exclude these solemn important things. That mustn't happen to us. We must constantly be on guard against being absorbed in any line of thought and activity that will detract from the uppermost things that should be in our mind. Those solemn truths in the Book of Revelation.

Now what is it in the Book of Revelation that she's talking about? Well she goes on here, maybe I better just read a little more. "Precious time is rapidly passing, and there is danger that many will be robbed of the time which should be given to the proclamation of the messages that God has sent to a fallen world. Satan is pleased to see the diversions of minds that should be engaged in a study of the truths which have to do with eternal realities."   

"The testimony of Christ, a testimony of the most solemn character, is to be borne to the world. All through the Book of Revelation there are the most precious, elevating promises, and there are also warnings of the most fearfully solemn import. Will not those who profess to have a knowledge of the truth read the testimony given to John by Christ? Here is no guesswork, no scientific deception. Here are the truths that concern our present and future welfare. What is the chaff to the wheat?" Everything else is chaff and we are just so soaked up in chaff that we can hardly breathe. That's about it isn't it? Most of it is chaff. Once in a while we take time to think a little bit about it. She then goes on to list the three messages, there are seven to the seven churches, remember? That Elder Dick showed us pictures here last night on the seven churches? She gives the one to the church of Sardis  and the one to Philadelphia which is the one just prior to the Laodicean and then the Laodicean message. So, apparently these are the ones that to her are important. Those three, the last three. And Sardis was just prior to 1844 if I remember correctly. Philadelphia was right after 1844 then Laodicea follows. And that is ours today. And there is a tremendous amount of material in that Laodicean message. I think I promised you last time that someday I would go through that message, completely, I keep referring to it and so far we haven't done it.

What is it that God is trying to do anyway? Who does He think He is to ask us to engross ourselves in the messages in the Book of Revelation and pay little attention to all the rest of the things in the world? What's He trying to do? Didn't He make this world to be inhabited, didn't He give us all our faculties and facilities to manipulate and maneuver the things of the world and to build and construct and to enjoy and appreciate? Why is He telling us that everything is chaff and except the Book of Revelation? What's the point, Adventist? Do we have anything, do we have anything special?

(John) The last message to a dying world.

(Wilfred) That's right, the last message to a dying world. And what is it?

(A woman) A message of love.

(Wilfred) A message of love, what love?

(John) A demonstration of God's character.

(Wilfred) Why?

(John) Why a demonstration of his character?

(Wilfred) Yes.

(Another man) Because God is misunderstood.

(Wilfred) Right. Remember that statement in Christ's Object Lessons?

(John) The world is dark through misapprehension of God. They don't understand what He is like.

(Wilfred) Well, then is God trying to show off trying to make himself important?

(Same woman) He has to.

(Wilfred) He has to? Why does He have to?

(Same woman) Unintelligible

(John) But God showing off is completely the opposite of our concept of what those word connote.

(Wilfred) Good.

(John) God says my character is such that he who would be greatest shall be least. And his isn't to make a big display and show, that's Satan's way. God's way is the quiet and the humble, it's completely the opposite to our concept of what demonstration as far as the world is for showing off as far as the world is concerned. But He wants a clear demonstration or showing off of what his character is really like and it has to be through his people. Specifically in the Book of Revelation He is seeking to develop his attributes. He is willing to impart his attributes to the one hundred and forty four thousand if they'll meet the conditions.

(Wilfred) He is willing to do it to everybody, isn't He?

(Same man) Our concept of showing off is trying to put something over on someone where God's concept of showing off is to reveal the truth.

(Wilfred) When He came down on the Mount Horeb and called Moses up in there what kind of a display did He put on there?

(Same woman) Thunder and lighting.

(Wilfred) Quite a bit of commotion wasn't it? How did the people react? They were frightened. Why did He do that?

(Same man) To get their attention.

(Wilfred) Yes, that's right. These people at that point were children and that is what He called them and children don't have the experience and knowledge and understanding that adults have and they don't quite comprehend sometimes what adults ask them to do. Their parents ask them to do something or forbid them from doing something else. Why? Try to explain it to them, you can't get it across and if they defy you what do you have to do? You have to display a little authority don't you? Now what is your motive for doing it? Just to make yourself the big cheese in the family? Is that your motive or are you thinking in terms of the youngster and his development and his becoming a respectable and trustworthy citizen? What's God trying to do? What's his ultimate goal?

(Another woman) He is not willing that any should perish.

(Wilfred) And what? That all should come to repentance. And what is the idea there, what's the goal there?

Ok, I think I've got you on the spot where you need to be to get through this. Way back in the beginning there was God and there was the Son, Christ, Jesus, He wasn't called Jesus then but it was the same person and there was the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God and that's about all I can tell you about that. But they created, now, they created angels and the first one was Lucifer. How do we know that? Well he's called the son of the morning what part of the day is the morning? The beginning and it seems that in God's order he decided to give Lucifer the greatest that He gave anybody. He gave him the highest position, highest honor, that is of a created being, talent, intellect, beauty, respect of the other angels, you name it, Lucifer had it. Why did God do this? God had established a kingdom, not to say anything about the other worlds He created, a kingdom is made up of a realm, that is a place, a dominion, a living place and beings who live in it. In God's Kingdom He had beings that had the image of himself in the sense that they had characteristics similar to his. They could think and reason they could have feelings they could make decisions independent of God, they could make their own decisions just like your children can make decisions independent of you. Even though they are in your family and under your jurisdiction. This is the only way that you can really have true fellowship. If the beings you associate with do not have any freedom of choice like animals, there is a certain degree of association that you can have but the one that has freedom of choice is the dominate one, he can control. The one that has no freedom of choice is a victim of the programing in his nature. He functions purely on the bases of the programing in his nervous system his instinctive behavior patterns and a dog is that way and any animal is. I wouldn't say that animals especially in the higher order do not have anything in the line of reasoning but their reasoning is not under the control of a freewill it is a mechanical process. But in the human being and the angelic beings there is an independent aspect to the individual that God has granted to him. God in a sense has given away a part of himself and his prerogative to his created beings. The Bible puts it; sharing his throne.

Now a throne is a place where you have a ruler and a ruler has dominion over the subjects, he makes decisions for the realm. In God's government and that is what I'm talking about incidentally, I didn't give you the subject there, at this moment is the original government. In God's government, his method of operation was not one of dictatorship and over-bearing rule rather because of the nature of his character He gave away a certain amount of his authority, He shared it with his people. This is a manifestation of the nature of his character which is one of self-renouncing love, I'll say more about that in a minute.

In a dominion where there are freewill beings, if the will is truly free then each individual can do as he pleases. Have you got that? I have a free will therefore I can do as I please, I can, I can do as I please, of course God has set limitations on our dominion. I can't jump off the edge of the world because the world has no edge. I can't fly to the moon because I have no wings and if I did they wouldn't work out there anyway. There are means and ways of using the laws of God, the natural physical laws and the chemical laws to put together a contraption that can get me to the moon, we've proved that. But in my own realm of activity I am free to do as I please within the limitations that God has set. If I want to get up out of this chair and leave this meeting and leave you people here to yourselves I can do it. Now somebody who is bigger than I am can get there and stop me and I could have a fight. But I still have the freedom of choice. I can decide whether I'm going to fight or not. Now God has ordained a Kingdom of this type. But by the very fact that He gave freedom of choice that in itself gave raise to certain possibilities and God foresaw these possibilities and made provision to take care of them.

I think I'm just going to ease into this thing from a different angle now and I'll come back to where I was. And just before I do maybe one or two more thoughts there so we will be clear on what we are driving at.

Because each of these beings had a freedom of choice and could do as they pleased and because they were in an environment together the potential was present that one person would decide to do something that in some way would interfere with the other. I decide I want to get up and leave this room and I'm free to do it. But John decides that he is not going to let me do it and he is free to do that, he is free to do as he pleases and I can do as I please. So he gets up there in front of the door so I can't get out because John is there. Now we have a situation here in which our decisions are conflicting. I want to do something, and John wants to do something that cuts across what I want to do and so we have the conflict.

Because of that possibility God had to make a law, you could not have a kingdom of peace and security and happiness made up of freewill beings without a law. Impossible. Now the law is very simple in it's primary form it is that you must consider the interests and the rights and the privileges, the desires, the needs and the feelings of your neighbor and whoever else is in your environment you've got to think about that. If I decide I want to get up and get out of this room, if I am going to keep God's law and keep harmony and peace among all the people I've got to think in terms of am I doing something that is going to cut across your interest, your feeling, John's interests, John's feelings, do you see? That's my obligation, that's the condition under which God has permitted me to live in his Kingdom. If I am not willing to respect that law I cannot live in his Kingdom because if He let's me live in it there is going to be trouble, pain, suffering and ultimately we'll get to blows and if one of us hits hard enough, death. Don't you get it?

Now what is the basic principle in the kingdom of God? The Bible says it, all the law is contained in one word, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Don't do anything that is going to cut across your neighbor's interest, and rights, and feelings before you have carefully considered whether you are doing right or wrong. Now when you discipline that little kid of yours, it hurts the kid see. You're hurting somebody you nasty parent. Are you doing right or wrong? On what bases can you say you are doing right if you are hurting somebody? You're cutting across the interest of that youngster. He doesn't want to get hurt. You are thinking in terms of his ultimate good. Why is God permitting suffering and death and you name it in this world? For the ultimate good, does the world understand that?

(Same woman) Not at all.

(Wilfred) Does the world understand that God is a God of love?

(Same woman) No.

(Wilfred) Why not?

(Same woman) Because it doesn't look like it.

(Wilfred) Because it doesn't look like it. Does the child understand that his parent is a parent of love? Not at the moment. Now how are you going to convince the child that you are actually in love with him? And that you are actually spanking him in his own interest? How are you going to manage to convince him of that? How is God going to manage to convince us that He is a God of Love.

(Same woman) Trial and error.

(Wilfred) Trial and error?

(John) Trials.

(Wilfred) All right I'm going to swing into a new avenue here then we will come back in from a different direction. 

You've heard about the righteousness of Christ, it's been talked about so much in the last few years that we are getting tired of hearing it. It has become monotonous and we sort of rhythm it off and assume we know what we are talking about. Anytime you say righteousness of Christ you sort of have the feeling that you've got a little prestiges just by saying it as long as you say it you are in with the rest of the group because everybody believes in the righteousness of Christ. If you just say the righteousness of Christ you must be a pretty good fellow or you wouldn't talk like that.

(John) You sound like you understand but you really don't.

(Wilfred) You sound like you understand but you really don't. The righteousness of Christ, do you know what it is? Honestly, do you know what it is. Anybody want to take a crack at it or are you afraid to display yourself?

(Another man) Perfect love for his fellow man.

(Wilfred) Perfect love for his fellow man. Would you agree with that?

(Same woman) Right doing.

(Wilfred) Right doing. Well how do you know if it is right? I mean you might do something but how would you know if it is right?

(John) If it lines up with what God has said.

(Wilfred) What you're saying then is that right and wrong can only be discerned relative to a standard.

(John) Yes, the criterion is the word of God. And the basic criterion is his law of self-renouncing love.

(Wilfred) Then how does God know when He is doing right since He is the one who made the law? What law does He have to go by? His own law. Well, on what bases can He judge whether it is right or wrong? 

(John) Because he has to...

(Wilfred) Yes, but He might be a cruel god and he is making wicked law. I mean He's got that privilege.

(Another man) But He is righteousness.

(Wilfred) But how do you know? After all He created Lucifer with the highest intelligence, He gave him all the gifts, and talents, put him in authority, honor and whatever it was, and this character decided that God wasn't a good God that his law wasn't the way it ought to be, He had a better idea. And how did he figure that out?

(Another man) One big reason that I would know is that He is righteous is that He gave me power of choice. That is very fair and just and...

(Wilfred) Thats excellent, that's excellent.

(John) I think that perhaps the fullest revelation of his righteous character can only be seen in the light of Calvary and what was involved in that sacrifice. This was the ultimate display to the human family of his basic nature and character.

(Wilfred) Right.

(John) But we don't understand it you see. We haven't understood this sacrifice and this is the problem.

(Wilfred) Right. And Brother you are right dead on. This is exactly what I am trying to drive at. We've discussed a lot of these various aspects in the past but somehow I feel that we need to get the pieces together. We need to start in the beginning and trail right through to the end and see the pattern. Some of us may see it already, I hope we do. But there are connections that really make sense in this thing.

God had a kind of government originally that was the best possible, there was not a better kind of government. And Lucifer had the best in that government that anybody could possibly have, any created being could possibly have. He had it and he thought it wasn't good enough and God knew he was going to think that but God went ahead and created him anyway and you can blame him for that but not when you see the truth you can't. Because God saw that the only way that He could ever get ultimately a universe free from rebellion and criticism of his government, the only way, would be to permit Lucifer to go ahead and prove that any other kind is not as good. So He went ahead and created Lucifer deliberately, you can't come to any other conclusion. It says that God knew that Lucifer was going to sin and fall. God knew that Adam was going to sin and fall. Now, if you knew as a parent that the child you were going to get was going to go to hell. He was going to be a rebel against God, if you knew that would you initiate that birth? Well, God did because God knew that was the only way He could do it. If it didn't work, if Lucifer didn't stand by the only alternative was to let him demonstrate that his government wasn't good and God knew it wasn't going to happen. I don't know whether He knew when it was going to happen but He knew it was going to happen. I'm a little reticent to agree with most of our philosophers and theologians on this point, they contend that God knows precisely everything that is going to ever happen. And I have a tendency to contend but I don't like to be stubborn about it. I'm open anytime anybody or God can show me that I'm wrong I'll certainly throw it down. But if I have a free choice and if it is definitely free and not dependent on mechanical programing. Then I can decide to do something contrary to what anyone expects me to do. If I can't, my will isn't free.

Now my wife has a freewill, it's free she can do as she pleases. But I can predict what she is going to do under some circumstances and I can be accurate maybe 99 times out of a hundred, how come? Because I understand and know her characteristics and her habits and her instincts and her nature and I can predict about what she would do under that circumstance. Now God created Lucifer, did He understand all of the mechanics of Lucifer's being and how it functions? Why sure and God gave him a freedom of choice. Now Lucifer could have refused to sin in spite of the fact that God predicted that he was going to sin and God provided for it, he could have refused. In spite of the fact that the Bible predicted that Christ, Jesus was going to succeed in his sojourn here on earth and all the prophecies written about it and the success of it. Yet He came here at the risk of failure and eternal loss. Now if there is a risk, there is a freedom of choice. And I would like you to recognize that Jesus was not following instinct when He was in the garden at Gethsemane. He was not following feeling He didn't feel like going through with that in fact He sweat great drops of blood but his power of choice was taxed to the limit. He decided by reason, He used his rational powers to make a decision and the motive behind that decision was love for you. He loved his created beings and He didn't want to lose them. He could have saved them by taking their freedom of choice away and made them automatons but He didn't want automatons He wanted freewill, acting, fellowshipping, beings. Beings that could respond out of love for him, respect for him. How would you feel about it in this world if your children, or your loved ones were just mechanical friends. Isn't the beauty of God's creation wrapped up in the ability to express feelings and to gain responses? What did God write his book for? That book is a love letter, He's telling you in there what He wants to do for you. He says, marry me and I'll give you all of this. That's what He says. If you haven't read it you haven't read your Bible. And He gave everything, absolutely everything that He had to try to win your affection because there is only one way that you can get rid of sin and that is to decide to quit. You have to decide to quit. The Desire of Ages, the expulsion of sin from the life is the act of the soul itself. But you are not going to get rid of sin, you're not going to decide to get rid of sin as long as you love it and as long as all your inclinations are toward it and as long as you misunderstand God there is no way of getting rid of sin, it's hopeless. So there are two things that have to happen; first, God has to reveal his true character to you, his true nature. What kind of a person He really is and when you see it brother, when you see it you'll just melt. But God is at a handicap, he has a disadvantage, the Devils got it all camouflaged, all besmirched. And God has permitted him to do it because God is writing a book for the universe for all time to safe-guard his Kingdom in the future from ever getting into this mess again. He wants them to see what the Devil will do and how far the Devil will go. But there comes a time when God says, Ok, it's enough, it's enough, and that time comes when you decide it's enough. I'm going to repeat that. That time comes when you decide it's enough. The Bible says we can hasten or delay the coming of the Lord. Sister White says we should have been there a long time ago, even in her day and we are still kicking around. Why? Because we haven't decided yet that we have had enough, we still want more of the world. The uppermost thing in our minds is still not the tremendous things that He has revealed to us in the Book of Revelation. That is not the uppermost thing in our minds. The upper most things in our minds is how can we get a little more out of life while we are still here, hope we don't die tomorrow so we can enjoy it a bit. Now, isn't it or is it? Well, I'm glad to say that there are some people, I think, that that is not true of. I don't think it's true of everybody. I think God has some people in this world right here in this town who are waiting for him to finish the job. But there aren't enough. He's got to have enough to write his book He needs so many chapters before it's finished. And the Bible tells us how many He needs, doesn't it? He needs a hundred and forty four thousand, it's very clear. And we are living in the time when God wants to do it. He's waiting up there in the sanctuary still having to bear the penalty of our transgressions and all the burden of criticism and all the gaff. And you can read it there in Hebrews and Thoughts from Mount of Blessing and Zachariah and some writings of Mrs. White, it's in there.

The Devil is accusing Christ, calling him a liar, He promised to save Wilf Johnson and Wilf Johnson isn't saved. Oh yes, he is going to have eternal life, he is saved from the penalty of sin. But Christ is still having to bear the consequences of the sins he still commits. How is it with you? Are you still doing things to offend your Savior? Well, He can't walk out of there until he's got a people who are ready down here to stand without his intercession and that's a big order. That's a big order. Some people don't think it can be done. But the Bible says it's going to be done and that's what He's waiting for. We can't make ourselves get rid of sin we've got to have a motivation. And God is going to make a last ditch stand, He's going to go all out to reveal himself to his people to prove to them that there is no love in all the universe greater than his. I forget where this statement is. It says that the Father collected all the treasures of the universe and gave them into the hand of Christ. And He said to Christ, use these to convince my people that there is no love in all the universe greater than mine. And that man will receive his greatest happiness in loving me. That's what God gave all the treasures of the universe into the hand of Christ for. What was it for? To convince us that there is no love greater than God's and to convince us that our greatest happiness will be obtained by loving him. Are you convinced yet? Maybe not because Christ hasn't yet let go of all the treasures. Oh, yes He has provided for them on the cross He gave everything. We have covered that in previous meetings. Through His great eternal sacrifice He made available the abundant outpouring of the Holy Ghost and all the treasures of the universe come to us through the agency of the Holy Ghost. That's in the Spirit of Prophecy. So then the greatest gift that God can give us today, what is it?

(John) The Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) The Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has not been poured out in its final abundance, has it? And Testimonies to Ministers tells us plainly what it is going to do when it is poured out. It is going to perfect the harvest. Bring the grain to perfection ready for the harvest. That's what it's going to do. But it can't do that until the former rain has done it's work and that is what is holding up the show. We have not permitted God to finish the work of preparation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I'm getting a little sidetracked here but I hope what I'm saying is logical.

The way that God is going to bring us up short and reveal his love to us is a way that most people would never suspect. They pray very glibly for the Lord to prepare them or help them to prepare for his second coming. To help them to purify and cleanse their soul temples and make them whole and all this. And they don't realize that what they are asking for is an experimental knowledge of God because that is the only thing that will purify us and the Bible is very plain on this and the Spirit of Prophecy is very plain on it. And the experimental knowledge, it is the thing that will transform us into the image of God, Christ's Object Lessons, that will give us the mastery over ourselves and bring the impulses of the lower nature under the control of the higher powers of the mind, make us a son of God and an heir of heaven. It will do all those things. An experimental knowledge of God. God is going to reveal himself to us. He is going to give us a knowledge of himself. That's part of the Everlasting Covenant. Brethren, the Everlasting Covenant provided for the restoration of the Kingdom of God to it's original condition. And various aspects of it are spelled out in the Bible in Hebrews which is a repetition of Jeremiah in this particular point. Hebrews gives us four specific points that are concerned or covered in the Everlasting Covenant. It's in the 8th chapter and I'll just take a minute to dash over them. They talk about the old covenant given way back there at Mt. Sinai and how that it was faulty, it didn't bring anybody to perfection. So God said that He was going to bring in a new covenant. I'm not going into the details of this but the New Covenant is practically synonymous with the Everlasting Covenant which has existed form the time that Christ and his Father made the agreement way back in eternity before anything was ever created they provided for this. Tremendous foresight. But this covenant which is going to come to it's culmination in our day. In the tenth verse it says this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord. I will put my laws into their minds and write them in their hearts and I will be to them a God and they shall be to me a people. There are two things there. The law was on tables of stone when it came to Israel, Christ wrote it, delivered it to Moses who gave it to Israel. That was not the way that God's law was in the original Kingdom. Sister White says that the Ten Commandments need not have been given at Sinai had the Israelites not lost their relationship with God, their close contact with God. Why not? Because the law originally was in the heart. Now we have gone over all this and gathered all this, I'll just go over this thing very quickly. It was instinctive for Lucifer to obey God's law. It was instinctive for the angels to obey God's law. It was so instinctive that the angels where scarcely aware that there was a law until Lucifer broke it and pointed it out. By following their own instinctive nature they would automatically keep God's law and I have illustrated this before. If you love something you do it spontaneously, automatic, no problem. Christ delighted to do God's law He loved it. Lucifer delighted to do God's law that's the way He was created, he was created perfect and he delighted to do God's law.

Now how did sin get started? Would you believe it, Lucifer had to make a deliberate decision going contrary to his natural feelings in order to sin. That's why the Spirit of Prophecy says there is no excuse for sin. Adam had to make a deliberate decision to go contrary to his natural instinctive nature in order to sin. His instinctive nature was to obey. Now I don't know whether God could ever created a better system of government than that. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is not on statues, or tables, or what have you and it doesn't come by observation it's within you. God's control operates from the inside out and there were no commandments as such. Oh, yes they are called commandments but the Bible says that this little child that was born back there in Bethlehem on whose shoulders the government is to be, who is to be called the Mighty God and the Everlasting Father and the Prince of peace. He is going to be the Wonderful Councilor. Not the grand austere dictator, do you get the point? And in God's Kingdom it is a question of council, recommendation, suggestion. The Story of redemption calls it the mild rule of Jesus. The mild rule.

Now God wants to restore that. But during this demonstration period of six thousand years down here all of these ideals have been scattered and the Devil is manipulating the laws of God to the determent of God's people. I mean that's very obvious. But God isn't going to lose this controversy He's going to win and He's going to win not by force, there is no coercion, no force in God's government no execution chambers. Well you say, isn't the penalty of sin death, isn't God going to destroy the wicked? The wicked destroy themselves. God has set a cliff over here and He has set a commandment which says, Don't jump over the cliff or you will die. And I jump over the cliff, who killed me? Who destroyed me?

(Another man) You did.

(Wilfred) I did. There is no alternative for God. These people could not be happy in his Kingdom. They wouldn't fit in they would choose to get out of there, they would just feel so out of place. They just can't fit. Everyone of those people who is not going to be saved, we are told, is ultimately going to acknowledge that God was right and they were wrong and they are going to choose to die. They would rather go to sleep then live eternally in God's Kingdom. Have you got the point?

(Another man) It says they will pray for the rocks to fall on them.

(Wilfred) Right, and even the saved while they receive unconditional eternal life will still have a free choice. And if you ever get tired of living in God's Kingdom you can choose to go to sleep if you want to. How do I know that? Christ had eternal life in himself He could not die but He had the power to lay it down. And you will never loose your freedom of choice that's the thing God is trying to preserve. If He wasn't trying to preserve that freedom of choice, that voluntary allegiance, that voluntary cooperation, He wouldn't have to go through all this mess. There would be no need for it. That's the most precious thing in God's sight.

Well, He's going to restore this, the law is going to go back into the heart, you will instinctively love the law of God. You are going to be to God a people and God will be to you a god. There is the kingdom restored, his people are now back with him. He lost his Kingdom when they decided to sin against him to disobey his law. A king rules by means of his law, doesn't he? And if they don't obey the law then He uses the coercion, the force, puts them in jail, assigns a fine, gives them the lashes, but in God's Kingdom, no, no jails, no lashes, no force, God himself took the penalty, their transgression. Only by voluntary allegiance can He restore his Kingdom. He can't force them back to be subjects they have to come back under their own steam. And that means they must come back to a respect to his law. They must regain a respect for his law. They must regain a love for his commandments. They must regain a desire to keep within God's laws. Otherwise they are not honoring him as a king and cooperating with his Kingdom are they? No way you can have a Kingdom without respect for the laws of the Kingdom. You can't have peace in the Kingdom if the citizens don't respect the law. That's what is the matter with the world today, people don't respect the law. They are constantly breaking it and we don't have means whereby we can get them to respect it. We try by fining them and sticking them in jail and punishing them in one way or the other but they don't come to time they have a free choice and they can still do wrong if they choose to do it and so can God's people. So God's Kingdom is going to be restored when his people voluntarily come back to honoring his law, do you understand that? When is that going to happen?

(John) Before Christ comes.

(Wilfred) Yes, and before the close of probation. How do we know that? Early Writings I think it is page 280. Do you have it handy? Don't get it if you don't. I didn't bring mine tonight. Anyway it's in Early Writings. She says that the Kingdom is restored, the subjects are made up the marriage of the Lamb is consummated before the close of probation.

So the Everlasting Covenant that we are reading about here that we are going to become the subjects of God again and He is going to become our God. That's all going to take place before the close of probation. We are now just before the close of probation, now is the time that the Everlasting Covenant is going to come to it's climax and going to be fulfilled. Could we expect that God's people are going to be agitated with reference to these truths? Well, I would think so. God never does anything except, what?

(John) He reveals his secrets by his servants the prophets.

(Wilfred) And they shall not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord for they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them. I just finished quoting to you from Christ's Object Lessons where it says that it is the experimental knowledge of God that is going to transform us into his image and give us the mastery. Now here it says in the Everlasting Covenant that they are all going to know the Lord. Don't you get it? They are all going to know the Lord it's going to be consummated. That experimental knowledge is going to come. We are going to know what God is like by sharing his sufferings. Sorry to tell you that but that's the way it's going to happen. And I could take time to read it to you if we had the time. You will never know what God's love for you is like until He lets you taste a little bit of what He is suffering because of your sin. And when He lets you taste that and you realize that's what you are doing to him every time you sin. And you realize that He has been hanging on to that for years and years for your sake and everybody else's. You are going to say to yourself, well how can I continue to sin when that's what it's doing and the Bible says you are going to loathe yourself for your iniquities, that's what it says. And you are voluntarily going to quit sinning. You've got the power, don't say you haven't. God never asks you to do anything but what He gives you the power to do it. The power is right in the promise. The Holy Spirit is available, it's the Spirit that gives you that power, it's available. If you decide to quit sining you can do it. She says we haven't yet realized the power of the will we just don't exercise it. Our muscles are weak we have got to develop this willpower. Let's get busy. When we decide that we are not going to do this sin anymore then let's stick by it. We can when we decide to do it.

I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and iniquities I will remember no more. And if it weren't for that we couldn't do it. If we had the guilt hanging over our heads we couldn't do it, but He takes it away. He says the past is clean, now go to it.

Well I'm back on my little note paper and I'll have to go pretty fast or I won't get through it. The righteousness of Christ is the principle of self-renouncing love which constitutes the essence of Christ's character and also God's character. It is the principle of self-renouncing love which constitutes the essence of his character. It is the attitude of respect for the interests, rights, privileges, and the feeling of other living beings. That's the righteousness of Christ. It is the principle of consideration for others. It is the way that Christ is in his innermost soul and personality. He is righteous, that's his nature. It is the motive force that initiates all his decisions and actions, his righteousness, his self-denying love, his character of consideration for others is the motivating force that initiates all his decisions and actions. That's what made him create you. That's what made him give his only begotten Son. That's what made the Son, I'm talking about God there you have to kind of talk about both of them at the same time because they're intertwined, that's what made the Son give his life. That's what made him endure all that suffering. That's what made him to stay in the sanctuary above standing good for you because if He didn't you'd die, you couldn't make it. He is covering you right now and any deficiency in you is made up for by his merit, Sister White says. 1st Selective Messages. If you are putting forth your best efforts He'll cover the rest of it. So if you die tonight you're in. And He can't step out from that position until He's got a people who don't need him. Don't you see? But He is going to step out and they are going to be living on this earth, in this world, after probation closes without a mediator and the Devil is still going to be here shooting his darts. But he can't touch them. Oh yes, he can touch them but they won't respond, no response. They refuse to be tripped up by his temptations, they won't do it and it is their decision. They have built a character, they habitually refuse to yield to temptation. They have built that habit they've got a strong muscle there now and it is automatic to refuse to sin. It is an instinctive nature that is now built into them, they are totally sanctified. But they can choose to sin but to choose to sin they would have to go contrary to their instinctive nature. Not according to their feelings but according to their nature. Their suffering and the temptations are annoying and it would be simple just to yield to them so as to not have the ignorance. But they can't do it because it's against their nature, they refuse. If you offer me a cigarette it's no temptation any more. It never was for that matter, but it's no temptation to me. Why not? Because I have no inclination toward it. It's contrary to my nature, no problem. But you offer me chocolate cake, well, somethings are a little more enticing than that. Well, if you offered me a nice luscious chocolate I would be tempted, there's no doubt about it. Now I wouldn't have to take it there are times when I would refuse it and there are times when I take it. Anyway is it a sin to eat a chocolate? Well, under some circumstances it is and under other circumstances it is not. But that is another story.

(The end of C/D #43 and the beginning of C/D #44)

(Wilfred) So after probation, yes, God’s people will be tempted and there will be temptations that can still reach them because they will still be in their physical body but they will have no response to those temptations they will refuse because they have built up the instinctive, well, they'll recoil at the idea of sin just like Christ did.

(Ted) I wonder if you could explain that a little bit more in that they will see the difference, they will see the reasoning behind it, why they should not. For instance you don’t smoke, why? Because you know it’s bad for your body. You know that it will cause you harm so you therefore choose not to do it and now in the same way do you think that would be true?

(Wilfred) But now you are touching on another point and we could do this we’ve gone through it before. You’re thinking in terms of what it does to you, the chocolate I won’t eat it because it's harmful to my stomach, there are chemicals in it that I shouldn’t eat. That is self-interest, that is contrary to God’s law. That’s contrary to God’s law, I’m doing it because of self-interest, now God’s law is one of self-denial. I’ll just say this in a nutshell; there is only one way that God can guarantee that the people after probation closes or for anybody for that matter are keeping his law out of the motivation of selflessness and not self-interest. There is only one way He can guarantee that and that is to take away from us the requirement of perfect obedience to his commandments for our sake. And He does that, we read that in the 5th volume of the Testimonies for the Church, The declaration goes forth that they are eternally secure, they're eternally accepted, they now have eternal life it is their possession. And if they sin the consequence is not against them it is against Christ. It’s against Christ. They are in, they are saved they have got their ticket to heaven so they could go ahead and sin. Don’t you see? But they won’t, why won’t they?

(John) Because they don’t want to hurt...

(Wilfred) Because they don’t want Christ to have to come back in there and stand good for them.

Now listen, here’s another point. He lays down his priestly robes when He leaves the sanctuary, right? But He does not lay down his priesthood. You don’t believe that? The bible says that He is a priest forever. He will forever be our surety Sister White says, forever. Why does He lay down his priestly robes? To Demonstrate, He’s writing a book, He wants to show the universe, “Here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. There they are look at them. He takes off his robes and says now watch and they watch. Every last one of those is going through that experience at the risk of failure and eternal lose the same as Jesus went through. But not their loss, not their loss, Christ’s loss. They can’t sin. The throne of God is at stake. Did you get that statement? If you decide to sin after the close of probation you are jeopardizing the throne of God, What does that mean? You are jeopardizing his authority as a governor. Why? Because He governs through the freedom of choice, He never forces and if you let Him down He’s lost you, He’s no longer the King, He’s lost his kingdom, his ruler-ship over you. Don’t you see? It’s fantastic, literally fantastic.

Now if God had not done that then the devil could forever say Gusterson is keeping your commandments because of the loaves and the fishes. Now he can’t say that. But do you see the risk Christ had to take to prove it? He took the risk two thousand years ago now He is asking his people to share it with him. Do you realize that there are going to be a hundred and forty four thousand kings and priests for a thousand years sharing his experience, do you realize that? What do you need those priests for for a thousand years? Well brother if I went tonight I would not be perfect, Christ is still making up for my deficiency. But if I go tonight, right? Now I come up in the first resurrection and I am still deficient, am I not? I come up just the way I went down. I need a priest to take care of me and I am going to grow up like the calf in the stall the Bible says. And by the end of a thousands years in the millennium after I have had a chance to go through the book and read all the records and see what God is really like I’ll be full grown, my education will be complete there won’t be any more deficiencies I’ll be right with God. Now you say; Ok Johnson, you’re saying that there is going to be sin during the millennium. No, I didn’t say that, I didn’t say it. After you are eternally accepted of God, when you are eternally accepted and Christ has guaranteed to be your surety forever, where does the sin come in? Now tell me where does it come in?

(Another man) You’ll live with your decision.

(Wilfred) Yes, but suppose I do, because of my immaturity, make a choice that is wrong?

(A woman in the audience) It’s Satan’s fault.

(Wilfred) Satan isn’t even there.

(Another woman) Well, it’s not sin because of your immaturity.

(Wilfred) That’s right. It’s not accounted to me as a sin. Did Lucifer sin when he got ideas about wanting to be like Christ and take his position? Was that a sin? Careful now. And he went out among the angels and started you know. Is that sin? Come on.

(Another man) He coveted, you’re not supposed to covet.

(Wilfred) I don’t care what you call it, you can call it sin or no sin but he did something that was wrong, didn’t he? But did you know that Christ labored with him to bring him back? Now this was in the eternal Kingdom there had been no plan of salvation instituted, there had been no system of mediation instituted, There was no system of forgiving sins and all this type of thing instituted, and yet Lucifer could have come back and everything would have been find. That’s what it says in my books. Now during the millennium the same thing is going to prevail relative to those people who did not attain to the fullness of the stature of Christ in this life. How about my father he didn’t understand the Sabbath but he’s going to come up in the first resurrecting, I’m sure of that. He was as good a Christian as you find before he died. And I hope that I’m gong to have the privilege of taking him to my house and sitting down with him and showing him some of these things that he didn’t understand and if he makes a mistake because of his immaturity I’m going to stand good for him in the sense that I accept the inconvenience or the embarrassment or whatever it might be. Don’t you understand? Now, you may not like that point but we've got to be realistic, we have got to be realistic. The Bible says there are going to be kings and priests for one thousand years, tell me, why are there going to be priests for one thousand years and no longer? You answer me that one.

(John) Because those who come up in the general resurrection will have attained to the full stature of Christ during those thousand years and there will no longer be any need for them.

(Wilfred) That's right. Can’t you see that or is that too deep, or is it heresy?

(Ted) Do you have any references to share with us on that?

(Wilfred) Not off hand but I can put them together.

(John) It’s self-evident if you compare the...

(Wilfred) It’s self-evident if you compare the texts. There is no way you can account for some of the things that are in the books if you don’t lean in that direction. Well, I didn’t intend to get onto that point. How did we get sidetracked anyway?

Let me go on with this I really do want to get this across to you. The righteousness of Christ is expressed in his Word and manifest in his created works and revealed in the principles of his moral law around which his dealings with his people are centered. Now we said up here that righteousness was a principle, a part of the very nature of Christ. But that principle is expressed in the things that He does. When you are righteous it is a principle within your soul but that principle is expressed by the way you behave, the things you say. Do you understand? It’s the same way with Christ. The nature of his righteousness determines the form of his government, a form which is marvelously unique and we’ve talked about it. The plan of God’s government may be understood by man but it can be only understood by those who are willing to be instructed as a little child and who submit wholly to God and who are obedient. You will find that in Christ’s Object Lessons page 112 in the older edition it may be a few pages one way or the other. The righteousness of Christ is displayed in his own perfect obedience to the moral law He did it down here in this world. This law He delivered to man through his two witnesses of the Everlasting Covenant and in the person of Jesus He lived up to all it’s requirements in spite of the intense temptations which reached and pierced his sensitive soul through the degenerate and sinful nature of the human body which He took upon himself after humanity had been weakened by the accumulated effect of four thousand years of sin. Christ felt temptation in his soul because of the nature of his humanity. But in his soul He recoiled at sin, He hated it and obeyed God’s commandments perfectly. And when we partake of the divine nature, which we will through the agency of the Spirit, we will have the same power that He had, He used no power that is not freely available to us she says. And through that power of the divine nature that transforms our hearts so that we recoil at sin so that we hate sin so that we have no part in it. We will be enabled to make a decision in harmony with God’s law. Can’t you understand? Now as long as the nature is not transformed in order to keep God’s law we’ve got to go against our grain, like Paul, constantly fighting and we fall down we don’t always make it. But we put forth our best effort and if we put forth our best effort He will make up for the deficiency. That’s what she says in 1st Selective Messages and I don’t have the references with me tonight.

The righteousness of Christ means not merely... Oh get this point now, the righteousness of Christ means not merely that He himself perfectly obeyed the moral law of God He did that but it doesn’t mean just that but it means that He was absolutely right or righteous in choosing to establish that particular moral law which He delivered to man. I’ll repeat it because it is an important point. It’s very important and it ties right in with the sealing of God’s people and the mark of the beast. The righteousness of Christ means not merely that He himself perfectly obeyed the moral law of God but it means that He was absolutely right in choosing to establish that particular moral law which He delivered to man. Lucifer said He was not right, but He was right. The righteousness of Christ is that principle which made Him establish that law. Now listen, this is important, Christ was positively right or righteous in instituting his law, which is God’s law, as the guiding principles to be obeyed by the citizens of his kingdom. It is well known today by Seventh-day Adventists and by some protestant denominations that man obtains his title to heaven by manifesting faith in the righteousness of Christ. Is that right? Faith in the righteousness of Christ gives him his title to heaven. Now listen, but not too many SDA’s really understand what it means to manifest faith in the righteousness of Christ. We say it but we don’t manifest it. I use the word manifest there and that is a key word. We are told that we must accept Christ, that we must accept Christ as our personal savior. If we simply believe in Him, whatever that means, we will be saved. Now what does it actually mean to believe in Christ or to accept Christ? Here it is; It means to honestly believe that Christ was right or righteous, in making his decision to establish his particular moral law as the standard of the government in his Kingdom. When a man accepts the rightness of Christ in this sense, which is the same as righteousness of Christ, he will manifest his faith in this righteousness by respecting God’s law and by respecting God for establishing it. Is that right? If he does honestly believe that God was right in putting into effect that law, that He was righteous in doing that then he will manifest that belief or faith by the way he functions and by the way he regards God and God’s law. Isn’t that right? Now that’s what it means to accept Christ, to accept the fact that He is righteous that He was right. Lucifer didn’t accept that, Lucifer said, I don’t think Christ was right, I don’t think He is righteous, I think His law is wrong. Now the restoration simply means; come on back to the point where you have confidence in the law of God, where you respect God, where you see that He was right and you have faith in his righteousness. Do you get that? It is faith in Christ’s righteousness that gives you your title to heaven. Christ says; All right, If you believe that if you have confidence in me that I am right and my law is correct I’ll take you into my Kingdom. Doesn’t that make sense?

Now suppose you make a mistake in his Kingdom? There’s the plan of salvation. He took the penalty for all of your transgressions and He is going to stand good for you as your priest as long as you keep making mistakes. You don’t want to sin, you respect his law. Why do you sin? Because you are in a degenerate body and the old devil is around. Don’t you get it? This attitude of respect will reveal itself by strict obedience to the law of the Kingdom, where works of obedience do not appear there is no genuine faith and no respect. Is that right? If the works don’t show up do you really believe? Is there any respect for God’s law? Is it genuine?

Now that’s not to say that you don’t fall once in a while but at least you see that there is an effort to perform those works in harmony with God’s law and if there is no works, no justification. At the point where you accept the righteousness of Christ, honestly, where you honestly accept the righteousness of Christ, at that point you have your title to heaven and you have justification. And Christ’s perfect obedience stands in place of your disobedience in the books of heaven and in the eyes of God and He treats you like He treats his own dear Son, I could read you that right out of the book. But, many of us don’t go on and read the rest of it. The rest of it says there must be obedience to the law of God if justification is to be retained. You do not retain justification if after your first initial step you go right back and continue to sin and say, well it’s all right He has accepted me. No way, but listen, if you sin, and that means a deliberate sin, we have an advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous. And if you confess your sins and you are sorry that you did it and you say Lord I have respect for your law I don’t know why I did it, like Peter he swore after his Lord and said that he didn’t know Him. Amazing, but he did and it was the devil of course working through him, Christ told him that. But if that’s the case you say Lord I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it. The Lord says fine I forgive you. How many times will He forgive you? No limit, there’s no limit. The only limitation is in your own attitude. If you continue to do that, time after time, after time, after time, after time, the devil is hoping, and you can read this in 5th volume of the Testimonies for the Church in that chapter about “Joshua and the Angel”, it’s in there. The devil comes in at you and he tempts you to think that the Lord will not anymore forgive your sins. And if you give way to that temptation and say; Well I can’t go back to God and ask forgiveness anymore”, you’ve got no chance. There is only one chance and that is to accept the forgiveness of Christ even though you know you are continuing to hurt him and it is very humiliating for you. Not until you are willing to completely humiliate yourself and to completely throw yourself on Christ and let Him take the dirt will you get your sins forgiven. But when you do that how can you continue to sin against Him? Don’t you see? The drawing power of the love by forgiveness of sin. That’s in the Everlasting Covenant too. He says; I’m going to forgive your sins and I won’t even remember them anymore I’ll forget all about them. Tremendous.

A man is accepted by God as righteous when he honestly expresses faith or trust in the righteousness of Christ, but I have gone over that. His initial expression may be simply an honest confession of the fact of his faith. He may say; Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief. Remember the man who said that? God accepted him. At this point the man is entitled to a home in heaven but he is not in fact fitted for one. Christ makes up for his deficiency. So then you gain imputed righteousness at that spot but imparted righteousness comes by sanctification which is the work of your lifetime in which you are endeavoring to keep all of the commandments of God, you flunk out and God is constantly giving you an additional amount of power as you are able to manage it until ultimately you reach the fullness of the stature of Christ. But we haven’t reached it Brothers and Sisters we just haven’t reached it. And if anyone has, God is not saving one here and one there, oh yes, in a way He is. But in His final demonstration we’ve got to go together, that’s very clearly portrayed in the Spirit of Prophecy. God needs a people, not one or two. And He is going to initiate a process which is going to bring it about. And we’ve gone over that. You’ll find it in Joel. The great and dreadful day of the Lord is going to pounce on us, it could come overnight and when it hits it’s really going to hit. It’s a terrible day, it’s a dreadful day, that’s what the Bible says. But before it hits God’s people are going to be alerted to the message of his love and forgiveness of sins and the process of sanctification so they're not going to be caught off guard and that’s what we are doing right now. And there are minds all over this denomination that are being stirred up with the same message. God is taking the reins of his work in his own hands and He is going to finish it. And as soon as God’s people are warned of what’s coming it‘s going to come and those who refuse to heed the warning are going to get hit and those who don’t are going to get hit too but they will survive. The great shaking will come about and it is very clearly portrayed and some will stand and some will not stand. The separating criterion at first will come within the church in the form of expanding truth, that’s clearly portrayed. Then it will shift into outside influences and persecution from without. The church will fold, that is its work will have been completed and God’s people will be in little companies scattered here and there. And that’s it and it’s coming awfully fast, it’s just coming awfully fast. Everything is coordinating and focusing in on the great and dreadful day. It’s just shaping up, I was going to say so beautifully but I mean that in a sense that all the pieces are fitting together beautifully. But the message is there and it is ominous. That’s why I’m functioning here. I have understood this for a long time but I haven’t been able to say too much about it because people were just not ready to take it. It wasn’t time. But it’s time now so we are talking and there are other voices that are talking and there are ears that are listening and there are hearts that are being touched by the Spirit of God and they are making decisions and I hope you make yours.

Are you willing to let God fulfill this passage in your life? It’s found in Malachi chapter 3 starting with verse 1. This is a portion of the last message that Christ ever gave before He left his glorious body in heaven and came down to this earth to take on the form of a little baby never to go back to his former situation again. He’s back there but He is in a different setup than He had before but we won’t go into that. Here’s what He said; “Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.” Now I would like you to understand and I’m sure that some of you do already but I just want you to know that I understand it too and I am not making a mistake when I say something else here. This has been interpreted by our people and our theologians for many years to mean, and by Sister White, that the messenger of the Covenant is Christ and that He has taken his place in the most holy apartment in the sanctuary to begin the work of judgment in 1844 and cleansing of the sanctuary. That is what it means to our denomination.

Now I guess I’d better read this statement again because there are some of you who are new here and I don’t want you to think that we’re going off base. There are several passages here maybe I’d better read them all just so we’re clear, I’ll go fast. Anything you want you can get from me afterwards. Review and Herald Dec. 20, 1892; “There is no excuse for anyone in taking the position that there is no more truth to be revealed, and that all our expositions of Scripture are without an error.” And I’m not hinting that that’s an error it is not an error that is correct interpretation our prophet verifies it. But there is a statement here that indicates that there may be some things that we are teaching and thinking that are not right. “The fact that certain doctrines have been held as truth for many years by our people, is not a proof that our ideas are infallible.” .... “No true doctrine will lose anything by close investigation.” So be prepared for that.

So she says in Education 171. “It is impossible for any human mind to exhaust even one truth or promise of the Bible. One catches the glory from one point of view, another from another point;” All right, let’s apply that. “It’s impossible for any human mind to exhaust even one truth or promise of the Bible.” Here is a truth and a promise in the Bible. Now there is no mind that can exhaust that. Therefore if some mind has gotten a certain interpretation on it that does not mean that that’s the end of it and that there is nothing more in the passage. Do you understand? There is more in there that some other mind can pick up.

Christ’s Object Lessons page 112, “Christ is the truth. His words are truth, and they have a deeper significance than appears on the surface. All the sayings of Christ have a value beyond their unpretending appearance. Minds that are quickened by the Holy Spirit will discern the value of these sayings. They will discern the precious gems of truth, though these may be buried treasures.” In other words the words of Christ have meanings that go below the surface and they have more than one meaning in many instances. Incidentally, these are also the words of Christ given to Malachi, it was Christ who gave him the words.

Now here is another one. Review and Herald Nov. 21, 1890 "To say that a passage means just this and nothing more, that you must not attach any broader meaning to the words of Christ than we have in the past, is saying that which is not actuated by the Spirit of God." Did I go too fast? I’ll slow it down. "To say that a passage means just this and nothing more,” Paraphrasing it. To say that this passage means that Christ went in the most holy apartment of the sanctuary in 1844 and it means nothing more than that “To say that and nothing more that you must not attach any broader meaning to the words of Christ than we have in the past, is saying that which is not actuated by the Spirit of God." Now if you say that you are not being prompted by God’s Spirit when you say it. Is that clear? Now the opposite or the implication is very obvious isn’t it? That there is more than one meaning in the words of Christ, that’s obvious.

Review and Herald July 26, 1892. “Those who think that they will never have to give up a cherished view, never have occasion to change an opinion, will be disappointed. As long as we hold to our own ideas and opinions with determined persistency, we cannot have the unity for which Christ prayed.”

Well there are more here but I won’t take time to read them because I want to get this passage through to you. Listen, let me explain this. The messenger of the Covenant is Christ but Christ is going to come to his temple it says. There are four temples, we will just speak in terms of two of them right now there is the temple in heaven which we’ve already said we believe that Christ went to in 1844. We’ve got that interpretation so we won’t dwell on that. But there is also a temple on earth, Sister White makes that very plain and so does the Bible. What is that temple?

(John) His church.

(Wilfred) His church. When Christ is cleansing the sanctuary in heaven there is to be a parallel work going on on the earth she says. Somebody is going to cleansed the temple on earth too, who’s going to cleansed the temple on earth? Careful what you say.

(John) The Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) OOhhhh careful what you say. Who’s going to cleanse the temple? Who went in there and drove out the money changers and all? Come on say it.

(A woman in the audience) Christ.

(Wilfred) Christ. Who’s going to cleansed the temple here on earth? Christ. But what is the agent that is going to be used to do it?

(Same woman) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) All right we’ve got it. Who is the agent that is going to write the commandments of God that He wrote with his finger on tables of stone for Moses. Who is going to write those on the tables of the heart for the modern Israel that is to be cleansed from sin. Who’s going to do it?

(Same woman) The Holy Spirit.

(Wilfred) The Holy Spirit and Sister White says it in so many words. Who is going to deliver the Everlasting Covenant to God’s people today? The Holy Spirit.

Now listen, who is the messenger of the Covenant? The renewed application of this text is that Christ comes to his temple on earth through the spirit. If you don’t believe it read John chapter 14. It says it very plainly. He says; I will not leave you comfortless I will come to you. That’s Jesus talking but He went to heaven and He has never come back since. Now what does He mean? He goes right on in the next verse and explains what He means. He says; The Comforter will come to you and He will abide with you forever. We will come to you He says. It’s through the Comforter don’t you see? The Comforter is the representative of Christ now, in fact let me quote you a statement, no I’ll just give you a part of it, which says, that the Holy Spirit is the soul of the life of Christ. So when you say that Christ comes to us, receive Christ into your heart, you don’t mean to receive Christ literally, He’s up in heaven, what you really mean is, receive the Holy Spirit. Have you got that point across? Now let’s read the text. Malachi chapter 3 and verse 1 “Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts. 2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:” Now what’s the Spirit going to do when He comes to his temple on earth?

(Ted) Purify it.

(Wilfred) Purify it. 3 “And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify” Whom?

(Several voices) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) Now we could go back and find out who the sons of Levi are back in Exodus. They were the fellows that came to Moses after Moses came down from the mountain and saw this molten calf there and he got kind of peeved about the whole situation and chastised them and broke the tables of stone, do you remember? He came over to those people and he went apart over there and he said, Now everybody who wants to stand on the Lord's side come and stand with me. Do you know who came?

(Ted) The sons of Levi.

(Wilfred) And the Lord is asking today everyone in Lacombe who wants to stand on my side and get away from the golden calf that is polluting the Adventist Church, I say that reservedly, but my Bible says that at the time of the sealing there are going to be abominations in the midst of the city and Sister White says; that’s the church. And the seal goes on those who are sighing and crying for the abominations that are taking place in the city. That’s in my Bible and Sister White quotes that very passage and says, that’s the sealing. The man with the writer’s inkhorn is sent through the midst of the city to put a mark on all those who sigh and cry for the abominations that be done in the city and they are sealed. And five men go through afterwards with destroying weapons and slay the rest, but don’t touch the men with the seal. That’s what the bible says, Ezekiel chapter 9.

Now, how many in Lacombe are willing to stand on the Lord’s side? If you are you are one of the sons of Levi and you are going to become one of those priests through the thousand years. Do you understand? And if you are willing to do it this is what is going to happen, the sons of Levi are going to be what?

(Ted) Purified.

(Wilfred) Purified. “And purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” You will offer yourself a living sacrifice. Willing to obey the commandments of God at any price, that’s your sacrifice. And He will purify you and make you clean. But I would like to ask you, how is gold and silver made pure?

(Ted) In the fire.

(Wilfred) In the fire. Now we don’t have time to go through that but the Bible has a lot to say about it and the Spirit of Prophecy is full of it. God’s people are going to be purged by fire. Purged by fire. And you know what fire is, it gets hot, but it will burn out the rubbish and the slag will come out to the top where you can see it. There is a lot of stuff down there that we don’t see we don’t realize how much junk there is in us. But it will come to the top when we go through the fire and then we can skim it off and be purified. Well, that’s only one passage, there are other passages. We’ve gone through this with our group in times past but I’m doing this for the benefit of you folks who haven’t been with us because I don’t want you to get lost. We talk about a number of things that you won’t understand if you don’t get some of this background material. And I apologize to those of you who have heard it before, maybe it’s good review. But some of you have heard it so often that you’ll be getting tried of it.

(Ted) Without the constant review much escapes us.

(Wilfred) I suppose, yes.

Now sin is disregard of the interests, rights, privileges, and feelings of others. That’s sin. If you have a disregard for the rights, privileges, and feelings of other people you are a sinner. Righteousness is love for others. That’s righteousness. You can’t make yourself love others but you can do the things that manifest your interest and regard for others and let God change the heart. The Bible says your heart is wicked and that you can’t change it but God says He will change it. I’ve just read to you here He’s going to send you his Spirit, the messenger of the Covenant to those who are going to qualify, those who choose to go with Him. I’ve just read it and He is going to purify them and then you will love to do righteousness. You will love your brethren instinctively, Jesus prayed for that in his last prayer before He went to Gethsemane. He said, Father help these disciples of mine to love one another like you and I love each other. That’s what He said. And the Bible says that hereby shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love for the brethren. And God is going to bring into our church, and I’m speaking very frankly but it’s in the Bible and I can prove it to you, He’s going to bring into our church new doctrine which is going to come into our church as a trial to try God’s people to see whether they will measure up to the test of brotherly love. Some will not bear the Spirit of Prophecy they’ll rise up against it, Early Writings. And this is what will cause the shaking among God’s people. I quoted it.

The shaking is going to be caused by the testimony of the true witness to the Laodiceans. The true witness is Jesus, the testimony of the true witness is the testimony of Jesus. But the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. In the Laodicean message there is much more truth than we have seen and out of that is going to come new truth. And I can prove it to you and I can show you what the truth is. I have had it for many years, God gave it to me many years ago. And it’s going to test God’s people, some are going to say it’s heresy, it’s not true and they will rise up against it. And that is exactly what the Spirit of Prophecy says. And that is what will cause the shaking among God’s people. God is going to bring in heresies and He is going to bring in truth and you are going to have to decide which is which and there is only one way you are going to be able to decide it. Only if your mind is fortified with the truths of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy will you be able to tell. But she says that if any new truth comes to the attention of God’s people let there be a plain, “Thus sayest the Lord” and if there isn’t better stick it on the shelf. And if we can’t substantiate everything we are saying we’d better let it just sit on the shelf for a while. The final test in the mind of God’s people will come on two bases, when you see the total panorama of truth it’s like looking at a jigsaw puzzle, as the pieces are put together all of a sudden you see something. What do you see? The picture. Now do you need anybody to tell you when a certain piece is in the wrong place? No, you can tell, can’t you? How can you tell?

(John) It doesn’t fit.  

(Wilfred) It doesn’t fit. How can you tell if it is in the right place?

(Several voices) It fits.

(Wilfred) It fits the pattern. If any truth comes along that doesn’t fit the pattern of truth that already has come it is not right. New truth is not independent of the old it is an unfolding of it. Christ’s Object Lessons Those who refuse the new to them the old will loose its vital power and become but a lifeless form and that’s how you will be able to tell.

(A very low muffled voice) Unintelligible    

(Wilfred) That’s Christ’s Object Lessons too. And there is one other thing. If the truth you accept kills sin in the heart, I’m quoting, kills sin in the heart... What’s the next part John? Do you remember?

(John) You know if...

(Wilfred) No, there’s one other statement in there. There’s one other condition. Anyway it kills sin in the heart, I can’t remember, I’m sorry, my mind goes blank once in a while. There is another condition in there. If it does those two things you may know that God is your teacher. That’s what she says. Now... Now, do I give you the rest of this or is it time to quit?

Note from the transcriber: What they are trying to remember here is; "Obedience is the test of discipleship. It is the keeping of the commandments that proves the sincerity of our professions of love. When the doctrine we accept kills sin in the heart, purifies the soul from defilement, bears fruit unto holiness, we may know that it is the truth of God." Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, page 147. End note.

(John) Go on.

(Wilfred) Righteousness is respect for the interests, the rights, the privileges, and the feelings of others. The test of brotherly love, I’ve just told you it is going to come through truth, God is going to bring truth to his people to try them and I can read this to you. I’ve done it to most of us here, most of you know what I’m saying and know where the proof is. And those who measure up to the test, those who can accept the differences among their brethren without destroying their brotherly love, those who can love their enemies are reflecting the image of God’s character. I’m I right? And they are the ones that will be sealed. And eventually they will all see eye to eye, they will be united. There will be fringe elements who may not see eye to eye on it but all the basic truths, the truths that concern the Everlasting Covenant and the restoration of the Kingdom of God and how God’s Kingdom functions, how He is going to restore his people to allegiance to his law and respect for his government, all of that they will see eye to eye. There will be one single view and that’s it. And the testing truth is the Sabbath which is the signal that God has chosen for his people. God has chosen the Sabbath as the sign of his authority because He has authority in view of the fact that He is the creator of the whole thing, what other authority could you possibly need? He has the right, parents have the right to dominate their children, they are father and mother by virtue of that position they have a right to discipline those children and to rise them and to teach them. So has God! He created us, He has that right and He chose that seventh day as the flag. It’s the only commandment in all the ten that there is no other reason for keeping except the fact that God said so. You may just as well keep Friday or Tuesday or any other day if you do need a day. So God made that arbitrary on propose because He wanted it to show unqualified allegiance and recognition of authority. And what does the false church say its sign of authority is?

(That muffled voice again) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) The ability to change that law and put in nature’s day. Not God’s day, nature’s day. The sun’s day. You know we get all our life and heat from the sun. There would be no life on the earth if there were no sun. We get all of our energy from the sun. Even the ancients recognize that, so they worshipped the sun. After all it’s the life giver. So the creature becomes the life giver and the sign of authority to change God’s law, the sign that our decision overrules God’s decision is that we changed the sanctity from God’s day to the sun’s day. Now I’m not telling you this as my doctrine I’m just telling you what is claimed by the authority itself. And our prophet tells us plainly that those signs will be the outward manifestations of our allegiance when the test comes, the final test. It will come after the close of probation. The test will come to God’s people, the little time of trouble will come within the church and the sifting will come by virtue of truth and heresy among God’s people and the abominations and how we relate to them, that's how the test will come within the church. Then after the close of probation the effects of the outside persecution will come to bear. Mind you, they will be overlapping no doubt about it.

Now, so you will have the distinction between sin and righteousness and God is going to restore his allegiance in his people and make a final test and He’s going to display it before the whole universe including the flying of the two flags. Isn’t that a wonderful picture? Could you ask for a better teacher than God? Could you ask for a better ruler than God? Could you ask for anybody superior to Him? Can you blame Him when He comes out and says to his people; Why can’t you listen to me you people? You’re killing yourselves, you’re bringing suffering upon yourself, I am the only true God. I created the world. These gods of wood and stone they can’t create, why do you worship these gods, why don’t you worship me? Is He bragging? Oh, his heart is just going out in love for those people, He can’t stand to see them getting into all that difficulty. But He can’t take that free choice away from them or He has destroyed his Kingdom. It’s so valuable and precious this business of fellowship through the freedom of choice that God couldn’t bring himself to destroy it in spite of all the suffering. And lest anybody should complain that, God why are you letting the world suffer like this? Why do you let my child suffer like this, why do I have to suffer like this? You are a terrible god. Lest you should think that, God has sent his only begotten Son down here to take the cross to reveal to us the pain that entered the heart of God right back from the inception of sin thousands of years ago. God has suffered far more than anybody in this world. Jesus came here to reveal it to our dull senses, they put Him up on the cross there so we could see it but you know, we have seen people die on the cross before, what does it mean to us? We’re not going to understand that Brothers and Sisters until we share the cross. He says, take up your cross and follow me. He says we are going to partake of the sufferings of Christ not until you partake of those sufferings, experimentally, will you get that knowledge of God that you need to understand how He really loves you. Do you understand me? You have to suffer with Christ. There is no other alternative. You will never understand his love until you suffer with Him. And Sister White says that we should be thankful. It’s the highest honor to share Christ’s sufferings. She says that. My Bible says in Peter; count it all joy when you enter into divers temptations and when you suffer for Christ’s sake. Because in the long run it brings you to holiness and a reflection of his perfect character, that’s the result. Do you want that result? Do you want to be like Jesus, do you want to have a character like Him? Would you like your heart to be full of the love of God so that it could be radiated to others and you don’t have to push yourself to keep his law, all you would have to do is follow your inclinations? Would you like to have that experience? Would you like to be a subject in his Kingdom? Well, all you need to do is take the council of the mild rule of Jesus and not the dictatorship with a hammer on the head and jail if you don’t obey. There is none of this compulsive stuff in God’s Kingdom, it’s all gone, it’s just love, everything is love. Everyone wants to do things for everybody else to make everybody else to be happy. And your greatest happiness will be in service.

And if you would like a high position God has the answer for that too. God has a hierarchy and He’s got different levels of positions and somebody is going to get up there where Lucifer was, Sister White says that, the redeemed of the earth are going to take the place of the angels that fell. So the Lord says, Now look, here’s how it is done. He says when you go into the feast don’t take the top seat because there is only one direction that the goodman of the house can put you if he is going to move you, he’s going to have to put you down. But when you go to the feast take the bottom seat then if he is going to move you, where does he move you? He moves you up. And then He goes on to say; The one who wants to be the greatest among you he is going to be the servant of all. That’s right. And if you don’t want to be a servant you’d better go to the bottom. But I would rather be at the bottom than not be there at all. Now that’s self-interest again.

Let me tell you one more thing. Before you’re through with this experience that God will put you through if you decide to become one of the sons of Levi and it’s your decision. She says that you should strive to become one. That’s what she says. Because God needs you, not for your sake but for his sake. The first angel’s message says; Fear God and give glory to him, that is; reveal his character, recognize his character, his glory is his character, acknowledge it. Because the hour of His judgment is come. He is being judged and the only way a criminal who is being judged or accused can get exonerated is to have witnesses come in and prove that he’s innocent. Is that right? Now, He wants you to be his witness. He wants you to come in and permit Him to purify you and cleanse you and prove that you can live a life in the earth without sin as Jesus lived it. That when the angel said to Joseph call his name Jesus because He will save his people from their sins. Christ has to prove that He said truth. I haven’t proved it yet. He has not yet saved me from sin but it is not his fault. He’s working on it and so am I. And there is no way I can save myself. I can refuse to sin, outwardly, the literal commandments, but Sister White says very plainly that keeping those commandments against your inclination you’re not keeping them at all anyway. So some people say; Why bother keeping them? So they don’t bother they just say well, All you have to do is sit back in a chair and the Lord will do it for you, just let go and let God, you’re trying too hard. Don’t believe that doctrine, that’s the devil’s counterfeit and I don’t care what Adventist says it,

The Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible are very clear, you may read Romans and get righteousness by faith without works but you’d better go over to James and get the other side of the picture. What’s the purpose of saving you from eternal death if you continue to sin? What’s the ultimate goal of salvation anyway? Salvation in sin or salvation from sin?

(Same woman) From.

(Wilfred) Why sure.

Now, you are going to reach a place where you are going to want to decide to be put to sleep. And there are lots of our people who are going to be put to sleep. They are going to go to their graves because they can’t take it. But God will put them in their beds to rest and bring them up in the first resurrection. But those who say; I’m with you Lord, I’ll stand by you, I’m willing to be your witness come hell or high water take me and purify me and make me strong. And Joel saw it, he says there are going to be a people mighty and strong. A people such as there has never been. Read it in Joel chapter 2. The whole story is there about the day of the Lord and what the Lord’s going to do and how He is going to pour out his Spirit and all of the things that are going to happen. It’s all there. You’ll come to a place where you will want to die. Like Jonah, it’s enough I’m sick and tired of this Lord. You let me down, I can’t do it.

(John) And Job the same way.

(Wilfred) And Job. Job well it wasn’t quite as bad, he got pretty close to it.

(John) He said, I wish I had never been born.

(Wilfred) He wished he’d never been born. Yes, but he still stuck with God. But you are going to come to a place where for your own sake you’d rather die. Have you got that point? Now why would you stick it out? For his sake and that is the way you are revealing the character of God. Total self-denial. And if you don’t have total self-denial you are not revealing the character of Jesus perfectly. And yet that is what Christ is waiting for he's not going to come until the image of his character is perfectly reflected in his people. Do you get it? And that’s his character. And if it’s going to be reflected in you, you are going to have to demonstrate total self-denial.

Well I’m sorry I’ve been long winded again and I can’t help it I didn’t get through all of these, there are a few other points here I think probably we got enough for one dose. We’ll get indigestion if we get too much at one time. I also apologize because it wasn’t too well organized.

(John) I think it was very well organized Brother.

(Wilfred) There may be some of you who have questions you want to discuss. Maybe you want to dismiss first so if somebody wants to go they can feel free to go.

(The conclusion of this two C/D series God’s Kingdom To Be Restored)

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