Thy King Cometh

J. Wilfred Johnson
Sabbath School Lesson Dec. 9, 1989

Transcribed Jan. 12, 2014

Note: This meeting is actually a small Sabbath School lesson given by Mr. Johnson at the College Heights Church Alberta, Canada. There are other groups meeting in the sanctuary at the same time as well as individuals talking among themselves. All of this background noise makes it nearly impossible to hear individuals addressing Mr. Johnson with their comments or questions.

(Wilfred) There are so many things that God has in this book that to try to condense all the parts that fit together into a unit in twenty or thirty minutes in any one lesson is a rather difficult thing to do and somehow I never seem to manage to do it. The last two times a few weeks back I felt very disappointed that certain aspects of each of those lessons that I definitely intended to reach and just didn’t get to so what we do in this world is imperfect but God can bless it, He can see to it that those things that we really need we are inspired to bring. So I will call your attention this morning to a number of things in this lesson and I hope you will feel free to contribute what you may have found that we are missing.

The King is coming. How many times does the king come?

(John) Five at least.

(Wilfred) John says five.

(John) Six.

(Wilfred) How many do we usually think in terms of? Two. The first coming and then the second coming. But He comes more times than that.

He came to Moses down on the mount and delivered to Moses the principles of his Old Covenant and his law. The Old Testament is filled with what God gave to Moses on mount Sinai. And it’s called one of God’s witnesses, the Old Testament. And then He came to Abraham and He came to a number of others in the Old Testament in a personal way. But the major coming that was predicted in our lesson today and sort of dramatized is the second coming. But the second coming would never exist if He hadn’t come the first time, so we have his first coming predicted. How can I condense this?

What was the propose of his coming the first time?

(John) To reveal God’s character.

(Wilfred) To reveal God’s character. Why was that necessary?

(John) Because it had been challenged and impugned in heaven by Satan.

(Wilfred) That’s true. The character of God as expressed through Christ his Son who was the outward God, the only visible God that any of his created beings had ever seen. The character of this person was one of meekness, one of self-denial, did you ever think of that? It wasn’t one of ostentation of bigness of important-ness. How do we know that? These are important principles concerning the coming of Jesus. How do we know that? Are you folks reading your Spirit of Prophesy? I hope you are reading your Spirit of Prophesy. Get your hands on those books and read them, the story is all in there.

The reason is, Lucifer rebelled and if God had been of a type and nature in character such that there could be no question as to who He was and no one else could ever challenge him, Lucifer never could have challenged Him. He was a created being but you remember that Lucifer was created as much like Christ as it was possible to make a created being our prophet says. And because of the submissive, the humble nature of the character of Christ He shared himself with Lucifer to the extent that Sister White says that the some of the angels were not quite certain with whom the final authority rested. Did you know that she said that? Now how could that ever have happened if the Christ that lived in those days was one who was a great big show of authority? Do you understand what I am saying? For this reason it was possible for this intelligent being Lucifer to get the idea that perhaps he could make a few suggestions because Christ really wasn’t a strong leader you see. He was sharing himself with his created beings his angels were his envoys and the angels looked up to Lucifer, he had their respect. That’s how he could draw one third of them after him.

(John) Ellen White said that Satan was seeking to reform the government of God.

(Wilfred) That’s right. He thought that this law of God that wasn’t really made a big do of, there were no ten commandments they weren’t given until Sinai as ten commandments. The law of heaven, the law of life for earth and heaven our prophet tells us is the law of self-renouncing love and Christ was the perfect example of that law and Lucifer took advantage of it. Lucifer didn’t like this idea of total self-denial. Do you like it? Be honest now, do you really like it? Do you like to renounce yourself on every occasion and let the other person run all over you?

(John) I like it up here but down here there is a conflict. Because of what I read in the Bible and I see it but yet there is a nature that is opposed to it that I have inherited.

(Wilfred) We are torn between two aren’t we? I am aren’t you? There is a conflict there.

Now Lucifer thought that that law wasn’t quite the way it ought to be. There should be a little room for self-expression. In fact he didn’t think that God kept his own law, he kind of challenged that too, God doesn’t keep his own law.

Now here is the setting that necessitated Christ coming out in the open and expressing himself and telling the truth. There is nothing wrong with coming out in the open and telling the truth in an emergency situation to set things straight. But how did He do it? Oh, He did it in such a gentile fashion until it became necessary to step a little bit like you parents with your children. He created this world all by himself previously the world and the universe had come into being and was expanding and still is from billions of years back through the operation of the laws of nature which were controlled quietly, silently, and mysteriously sometimes by the great power of God’s Spirit. But God shared some of that with Lucifer and Lucifer was in on the creation of other worlds, he had a share in those things. But this time God decided that He would have to write a book to explain everything to the universe so that they would understand. Do you know what
that book was that He wrote? It’s in the books here, it’s in our prophet’s writings and it is in the Bible. This world was created to be the great lesson book to reveal the totality of God’s government. And it was created entirely by the Son of God. There was not anything that was made that was not made through the Son of God, that includes the whole universe too. But because of his character He never came out and blew about it, He did it quietly. Who is giving new life? Who enables me to move that finger? Tell me.

(John) Jesus.

(Wilfred) How do you know? He didn’t tell me that. He didn’t come up here and say;  Look Wilf Johnson you can’t move that finger can you? And I said no I can’t move it. And He said I’ll make you move it, move it. And I said I can move it now. That’s not the way He does it. He has given me and trusted me with twelve billion brain cells or there about, some times I think I have fewer than that, but He has done that and He has placed complicated mechanics of chemistry and electricity and what have you up in there. And we are just beginning to learn a little bit about how all this works. Because God is enabling human minds to understand the mechanics of these things now. And we have great big computers that can do amazing things, we never had those for six thousand years, now we have them. Why? Because God is coming to the last class in his school. We are going to be graduating one of these days. So his coming to the complicated, the higher types of learning, and He is revealing it to his people so we can understand a little more about how things are working. He came out in the open Christ did and He said; Let there be Light. And there was light. He said let there be this and let there be that and in six days there it all was and two perfect people, complete. Can you see Lucifer standing there? Watching this with his mouth open. He had never seen anything like that before.

(John) And the whole universe.

(Wilfred) And the whole universe. But God had to do it to squash the rebellion. In a sense He went contrary to his own nature, do you see that? He came out in that conflict, Why? Because He had to do it and what was the price he had to pay for it?

(John) The death of his only son.

(Wilfred) His death.

(Another man) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) Oh yes.

(John) It was in the Story of Redemption the rebellion started prior to the creation of this world but when it came to open rebellion and Satan was cast out. When he was cast out it says God consulted his Son to....

(Same man) Unintelligible 

(Wilfred) It is pretty clearly displayed in the Spirit of Prophesy. That point does not distract from the total plan so we won’t get hung-up on it. I don’t think it’s one that matters much.

But here was Lucifer now, there was no question who the creator was and that Lucifer had no power to work in it at all without the power of God.

Now, who created me? It’s a loaded question.

(Same man) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) That’s true.

(John) Your parents.

(Wilfred) What mechanism did God use to get me here? Did He not share the creative power of human life with my parents? Did He not do that? Oh, there are so many things I want to say here but I haven’t time to say them. Let’s move on. The King cometh, what does the King come for? Well He came out in the open at the time He created this world and He did it in six days and rested the Seventh-day He made that memorial of it like a birthday. Because it had never been done before and He never wanted anyone ever to forget who He was because Christ was going to go back to his normal character and not come out and display himself like some big one again. Do you understand what I’m saying? Who is He going to share the creative power with? He’s already done it in this world.

(John) With his people.

(Wilfred) With his people. Who is going to be the new temple in which He is going to dwell forever? A building? Oh, the Bible is very clear, his church is built up a holy temple to the Lord, right? He is going to be indwelling in his people throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. Who is He going to share the power of operating the universe with throughout eternity, this universe that is just constantly expanding and expanding and expanding?

(John) To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne.

(Wilfred) Even as I also am set down with my Father in his throne. The Father did nothing without the Son. That’s what my Bible says. Without Him was not anything made that was made. Jesus said, don’t you know that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?

I know I am talking principles here and we are not getting the details of the lesson, but listen, you folks are supposed to go through all those details during the week and if we just go ahead through all those details again here in class how much further are you along, why bother coming to Sabbath School? You want to try to get the context, the significances, the meanings. Why did Jesus permit, in fact He instituted the idea of sending those two disciples to get that donkey, I don’t like that other word I’d rather use donkey, It has better connotations and it’s the same meaning, to get that donkey with it’s colt. And when it came they put their garments on it and He sat on that donkey and they spread their garments on the ground and He rode as a King into Jerusalem. Our lowly Jesus let these people do all this to Him. The king is coming to Jerusalem, Jerusalem is his saints, his people, how did He do that? Does that sound like Him? Is that the way He normally was?

(A woman speaking) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) Why did He do it? It’s not like Him.

(Another man) Unintelligible

(Wilfred) The lesson book, the lesson book. You can’t teach children without dramatization up to a certain point. You’ve got to show them don’t you? Jesus came here to show the universe that God had anointed Him to be the King. And it was the Father that instructed Jesus to do this, don’t overlook that. He says, I do always the will of my Father, always. And we are one. That is, we think the same, we operate the same, and even to the extent that we are in each other, and I can’t understand that, I can’t explain it, I have some ideas but He said; Don’t you know that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.

And I want to bring this out before that piano goes because I’m not going to get anywhere near the end of this lesson. Jesus promised that He was going to come to his temple of saints under a certain condition. We’d better read it, John chapter 14 to make sure we get it right. John 14 I think this is one of the most important chapters in the entire Bible. If it isn’t the most important it is one of the most. And if you look down there at about, well the whole chapter, we should read the whole chapter but it would take us an hour or two to do it. I think we can start down here at verse 15 “If ye love me,” Then what? “Keep my commandments.” Now don’t listen to those people who say you don’t have to keep God’s commandments, He’s taken care of it all for you, He keeps them, you’re all clear. Up to a point that is true. But listen to this now, “If ye love me keep my commandments” Then what is going to happen? “I will pray the Father,” There is your intercessor, that’s the intercessory work of Jesus. He prays the Father. Why does He have to pray the Father? Well, to understand that I’d have to go back and show you how Jesus gave up all that He had before He became a little baby in Bethlehem He was no longer the authority, He couldn't even make a decision. He made his last will and testament, his everlasting covenant with his Father before He died and incidentally He died before He came to this world in the sense that He went to sleep. Because when He was that little baby there He had no memory of his former existence it was totally gone. You know the death He died on the cross? What death was it? It was the second death, the eternal death of the sinner from which there is no hope of a resurrection. Well, if He died the second death on the cross He must have died the death of sleep sometime before that or it couldn’t have been the second death could it? Before He left heaven you see, He went to sleep and when He came out as the little baby Jesus He was sound asleep, there wasn’t another Christ in heaven, there wasn’t two of them.  I’m I right or I’m I wrong? I could explain that, there is more to it. It’s terrific; it’s a fantastic study. Well anyway He grew up with the specific purpose of showing that when you have a combination of divinity, which he got from his Father, the Holy Spirit, and humanity which He got from his mother, a combination of divinity and humanity, sinful humanity with all the inheritance of fallen Adam it is possible to live without sin. That’s what He came to show. He came to reveal the character of God before the universe. He came to show that it was fair and just that God had anointed Him to be the Messiah and to be his Son, to be his eternal high priest forever. He came to prove that. Sister White says in Desire of Ages that He came to show that when we partake of the divine nature when we become born again, born of the Spirit, which He made available through his sacrifice on the cross incidentally, That’s what He gave up, He gave up his eternal life blood not just the physical blood because we have to drink that blood we don’t drink his physical blood. His eternal life-blood that is the symbol of his existence, his very life and Sister White is very clear in telling us that it is the Holy Spirit. She tells us plainly He relinquished it. That’s why He prays the Father for you and me, Father send them my Spirit. Here in chapter 14 it says that 15 “If ye love me, keep my commandments. 16 I will pray the Father,” And what will He send you? “Another Comforter,” And what does it say further down? “Which is the Holy Ghost.” He says you have got to eat my flesh and drink my blood or you have no life in you. Now that is a symbol of the Word and of the Spirit. You understand that don’t you? I’m not getting very far here but that’s what he came to show. And God has promised you and me that if we keep his commandments to the best of our ability and He will make up for the deficiency with his own divine merit, she tells us that so don’t get discouraged. Do what He says and He will pray the Father and He will send the Spirit. And you know there is going to be a tremendous outpouring of that Spirit one of these days just as soon as we fulfill the conditions, but we haven’t fulfilled the conditions yet. Many in our denomination today say you don’t have to keep the commandments, do you wonder why the later rain hasn’t come? It’s just as plain as the nose on my face why it hasn’t come. Let’s get busy and do it, then Jesus is going to come the third time so to speak. He’s going to come at his second coming when He has a people who will demonstrate that they can live without sin before a holy God without an intercessor. When you do that then He can come she says and claim them as his own. That’s what He is waiting for. We talk about why He delays, Brother and Sister it’s you and me. It’s my fault; I have not kept all the commandments to the best of my ability. So God can’t give me that Spirit, He can’t trust me with it. How about you? Why don’t we get together and get busy on this thing. One of these days it’s going to happen. The King is going to come.    

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